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Sherry Shriner – cult UFO preacher exposed

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The Bible Text is clear that Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse (“knowing”) and Eve conceived and bore Cain.Sherry Shriner and others claim the Bible is mistranslated to hide the “secret” that Cain was the offspring of Satan. But the above verse is an accurate translation of the Hebrew Text.Eve saw the miracle of Birth as coming from God as many women do today. Eve knew who Satan was and who God was. Eve knew she had sex with her husband ADAM, not Satan (The Serpent) who deceived her in the gardenLook at the next verse in Gen:4:2

“And Eve again bore a son and
named him Abel”.As the Bible did not say “And Adam knew his wife and she conceived and bore Abel”, it does seem to indicate that Cain and Abel were twins, possibly identical twins. If they were Twins, it is impossible that Cain was born of the “evil” serpent seed”.Cain later killed Abel in a jealous rage. We then read in Genesis 4, that “Adam knew his wife (Eve) and she conceived and bore a third son, SETH.”This is more proof that Eve conceived twice from Adam. First, she gave birth to twins, Cain and Abel. The second time, she gave birth to SETH. (SETH is traced to Enoch, to Noah, to Shem to Abraham to Mary to JESUS, not the aryan,anglo saxon races, as promoted by Sherry Shriner). This is why The Jewish race is called the Semitic Race as they are descendents of SHEM = Shemitic.

The Bible text is clear that Satan did not have Sex with Eve and produce Cain. Cain & Abel were born of Adam and Eve. Cain chose to follow sin, evil and kill his brother. It was the jealousy in his heart not the genetics in his blood.

In her presentation of The “Serpent Seed”, Sherry Shriner adds a “free will spin”. Sherry claims that even if you are genetically born of Satan’s Seed, you can still come to JESUS and be saved. If you have Satan’s genes, how can you come to God?Even if you could? what is the Fruit of Sherry’s Teaching? Pumping the white race full of pride by saying the anglo=saxon and french races are The True Israelites, the true chosen people.Fanning The Flames of Anti-Semitic Hatred by claiming The Jews in Israel are Satan’s Spawn, The False Evil Jews?

Sherry’s Promotion of The “SS” Doctrine, takes our focus off of GOD and places it upon ourselves. “Am I born of the serpent seed?” Maybe I have so much difficulty in following God because I have “serpent seed” blood?..My husband and I have blue eyes as do two of my children, my third child is always getting in trouble and lying and has brown eyes… do you think he could be serpent seed?…… and on and on and, looking deeper and deeper into Satan’s twisted looking glass of condemnation and accusation.NO GOOD FRUIT COMES FROM THE DOCTRINE OF THE SERPENT SEED, FREE WILL SPIN OR NOT! YOU CANNOT MIX THE THINGS OF GOD WITH THE THINGS OF SATAN. LIGHT HATH NO FELLOWSHIP WITH DARKNESS.

If you want to believe The Doctrine of The Serpent Seed” you must believe (as taught by Sherry Shriner) that The Book of Genesis (the original Hebrew Text) was tampered with, changed and corrupted”…. and this belief has been part of Satan’s deception, going back to the Garden of Eden, when Satan (the serpent) said to Eve, “Has God really said that?”FINAL THOUGHT
If according to Sherry Shriner, all can come to JESUS for Salvation, even those of the “serpent seed”, why teach “Serpent Seed” Doctrine at all? Why open the Pandora’s Box of Problems? Why not just preach The Gospel and people will choose JESUS or not?BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT SATAN WANTS!!!It is my hope and prayer that Sherry opens her heart to God and sees the error of her ways. She also distorts much of what The Bible says about The Rapture and The ESCAPE that GOD has provided for us, in These End Times.God Bless You
Pastor Harry
Church of Philadelphia Internet.


fn 1):In The Gospel of Luke 20, Jesus tells us that angels don’t marry or reproduce. If Satan was an Archangel (spirit being) he could not mate with Eve. In the most esoteric sense, Satan would have to be Extra- Terrestrial, say from Mars, to mate with human women.

fn2): The Serpent Seed “SS” doctrine has never produced anything good, only hate, death and destruction. The “SS” Doctrine will be the secret belief of Antichrist (The Beast) which he will reveal more and more as he gains world acceptance.

The “Da Vinci Code” falls right in line with The “SS” Doctrine of the aryan races (French, German etc) being The True “Israelites”, just in time for The End Times.

Ever wonder why people mock Christians? Read this site for five seconds

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