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Randy Gray crying on Youtube

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Randy Gray, who is more than likely a closet homosexual, it still crying in Midland Michigan. He was kicked out of office. He is being taken to court and will lose. Here is the funny videos he’s been making on Youtube.
For those who don’t know, Gray is a KKK members who stalks me and harasses me online. In the past he has photo shop postings of mine to make it appear I am homosexual. In my personal opinion this is due to his own gay fetish and to the fact he hides his true sexuality which is, homosexuality. Continue reading

Jessica Gray is stupid – more Biblical lies from her

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After seeing her original post, I almost skipped reading the rest of her ungodly thread; mainly because I don’t care what a bunch of Aryan Nation loons think. However, her second post caught my eyes and made me laugh out loud. When I read lies people claim are found in the Bible, I laugh. The funny thing is, Jessica is too dumb to take five seconds out of life and use them for something useful like actually Reading the Bible and what it actually says!

Here is what she states –

Modern Christians somehow have got it in there head, with no help of the jews of course, that Yahweh and his son Yeshua came to love everyone. They completely disregard the fact that it plainly states he came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jews, despite what they claim are not Israel. They are imposters and frauds. Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, and all the other colors of the rainbow have no soul. The white race is the only race that was given the breath of Yahweh. I will have to let Pastor Faber elaborate more then that.

Now, I could rip every single sentence of this “debate” to shreds. However, I only need to rip one single part apart to prove her whole above statement is un-biblical

There are no “Lost Sheep of Israel”. The only people who believe such fairy-tales are Christian Identity nuts like Jessica and Black Israel believers; both groups are racist bigots who hate Jews, the Only Tribes who made up Israel (and Judah).

Here is what the Bible actually says – Ezekiel 9:9, “Then said he unto me, The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great, and the land is full of blood…” They still existed at that time together. Jeremiah 50:33 concerning the Babylonian Captivity, “Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The children of Israel and the children of Judah were oppressed together: and all that took them captives held them fast; they refused to let them go.” This was later fulfilled when the Persians crushed the Babylonians and allowed the Jews/Israel to return. Many never did and stayed behind forming the vast Jewish communities in Mesopotamia.

As you can tell from using the Bible (the only source I need; unlike Jessica, I don’t need “pastor” Faber or some other loon to explain this to me; only God is needed), the tribes of Israel were never lost. The Bible is clear most fled into Judah and lived among those tribes (Southern Kingdom).

LOL, nowhere does it say the tribes were lost. This teaching is not found in the Bible. I just quoted what the Prophets wrote. Jessica would have you believe she knows more than them! Who do you believe? Them or an overweight Nazi?

Funny Read – Randy Gray’s overweight Nazi wife “teaches a Bible lesson”

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I was bored today. On rainy days sometimes surfing the net can be fun. I came across this trash today. Here Neo-Nazi oddball Jessica Gray tried to explain a Bible lesson using the Aryan Nations method. There was a reason Paul said for women not to speak in church lol. Jessica is proof of this!

I will write my two cents in bold –


In Matthew, we are told “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” I never knew how to answer the Sunday Christians when they asked about this. Then I figured out (not sure why it took so long) that I should love my neighbor, if they too, obey the laws of Yahweh. Under Yahweh’s law, my neighbor isn’t going to be a white woman with 6 kids who are all the product of one night stands in the ghetto. Under Yahweh’s laws my neighbor wouldn’t be 2 queers and a Yorkie puppy. Under Yahweh’s laws my neighbor wouldn’t be a corrupt politician who’s in bed with the jews. Under Yahweh’s law, my neighbor would be like minded, WHITE, straight, and identity. There would be no issue.

Actually, you are wrong. The word neighbor does not mean what you just said in the Bible. That is your “meaning” which is well, un-bibical. Not only that, I know you can’t back it up with proof!

First off, there are NO Hebrew translations of the word neighbor found in the Bible. However, there are three Greek translations. They are as follows –  perioikeo , which means to reside around, i.e. be a neighbor:–dwell round about. As you can tell by this meaning, it says people you dwell around, not who you pick lol. So you are 0-1 in your Satanic teaching.

Second word for neighbor is plesion which means as man, countryman, –near, and neighbour. Again, this does not seem to hint only “fellow Christians” or people who think and believe like you. Do all our fellow countrymen think like me? I like UK basketball, my sister likes U of L. I don’t eat pork, my dad does. Should I hate my dad? I don’t think God meant that. Jessica is now 0-2 with her Bible lesson.

The third meaning comes from the Greek word, philos which means, properly, dear, i.e. a friend; actively. Even though this word means a friend, it has nothing to do with hating those as Jessica claims. The word simply relates to someone you know; nothing more, nothing less.


Jessica is about as much a Christian as Mohammad was. Her teachings are found NOWHERE in any known translations of the Bible, unless you can find it in the Aryan Translations, a false Bible made up by rejects much like herself.

KKK member Randy Gray begs for money – shut up and work

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Randy Gray is some overweight KKK member who has harassed and stalked me for the past year and half. Anyways, the loser lied on an application while running for an Republican Precinct Delegate. After being caught lying, he was kicked out of his “seat”. Like the the high school drop out he is, he believes he was kicked out due to reverse racism.

I won’t leave the link to promote his crap, but here is what he says taken from a racist forum. I will write in bold my two cents –

I was elected by the people of Michigan in my precinct as a Republican Precinct Delegate in the August 2008 election. I was sent an official notice to attend the Midland County convention to be held in November, I was met at the front door by the vice chairman and was handed a resolution that was passed for my removal. I wrote a complaint to the Michigan Republican Party, Michigan Civil Rights and the A.C.L.U. So far both the Michigan Civil Rights and the A.C.L.U. are unable to help in anyway.

Yes, you were elected after lying. You were too much of a coward to run as a open KKK member. Good, nice to see the people in Midland voted you out. Now stop wasting the courts time and get a life. They didn’t want you. The ACLC takes on real cases that deal with free speech. Why would they waste their time on a case they will surely lose? You lied, got caught, too bad!

I’m a working man like everyone else, I was never going to get paid for my position and was going to continue my regular job as well as my elected position. I will be setting up a legal defense fund at the local bank for anyone that can help with donations. You can also send donations to my P.O. Box. The lawyer is a life long activist with his own law office.

If you work, then don’t beg for money. How dare you insult people who work and obey the law and rules. You were kicked out for not obeying the LAW. Plain and simple. I guess not completing high school is why you can’t seem to comprehend this.

The paperwork will be filed with the Federal Court and will cost around 250.00 to file.
The first step is to reverse the resolution and allow me to take part in my elected duties

LOL, are you short $250? If so, stop eating so much food pig gut!

He then adds some posts later –

I’m expecting the paperwok from the lawyer this weekend

The filing fee is 350.00
Fee to serve the papers is approx 100.00

any help would be appreciated


MMM, you claimed above it was $250, now you need $350… Stop going to buffets and over charging your credit!

The lawyer with the Knights was the first one to step up and help, Lawyer expenses can really add up quickly, He has never asked for any money, I can’t control the current case law against me, With that said, If I take this to court, I could be sanctioned by the court and be forced to pay thousands of dollars If the parties are private then how was I able to run and win the election without any permission from the party, I’m a working man like everyone else with bills to pay, The system can print all the money they need and then pass the expense on the taxpayers, I don’t have that option, I will not give in to these tyrants

You are giving in lol. You are begging for money. If you were so “tough” you’d fight like a man and stop crying about money like the coward you are!

I understand, we can’t always help in every situation, If we the working class could abolish all these taxes they steal from us, we would be better off

Don’t break the law and you wouldn’t be in these types of “situations” lol.

The Republicans have rules against discrimination, it was ok for them to discriminate against me though, they violated their own rules, they violate our Constitution

Actually you violated the rules by lying! That would be like me doing jury duty by lying and telling the courts I believe all religions are “equal” since I only believe in following Jesus Christ. You lied! You violated the rules, not the Republicans!

I could go on. But I had my laugh today. What a reject!