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NSM lies found on the website

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The National Socialist Movement (aka NSM88) is the largest National Socialist Party operating in the United States of America today. We are the political party for every patriotic American.

Me – Yes, you are the largest white power group in the US because you have no standards of who joins. John Snyder is a rapist on the run. You ex-chairman Clif Herrigton is a Satan worhshipper. And more recently, two of your Oregon members were arrested, one being a sex offender.

We co-operate and work with many like minded white nationalist groups and many others which are either National Socialist or at least, racially aware of our European heritage.

Me – I love who I am. But you do not speak for me and the mass majority of white people. You are a disgrace to our heritage.

NSM, America’s National Socialist Party, is the largest and most active National Socialist party in America.

Me – Most active at what? Molesting children? Worshipping Satan? Beating women?

The NSM’s core beliefs include: defending the rights of white people everywhere, preservation of our European culture and heritage, strengthening family values, economic self-sufficiency, and reform of illegal immigration policies, immediate withdrawal of our national military from an illegal Middle Eastern occupation and promotion of white separation. 

Me – Family values? Jeff, you don’t even take care of your children.

The National Socialist Movement was founded in 1974 and saw membership surge under the leadership of the charismatic Jeff Schoep. Jeff Schoep has worked to implement a new direction for the Party which includes focusing on truly an American National Socialist Movement which will give Americans the choice of electing a Party to power which will take the best of both the Socialism and the Capitalism in order to create system that will stop the decay while bringing innovation, prosperity and security to our American Patriots!

Me – New direction? Which is what? To see how many young kids you all can molest?

If you are under the age of 18 please have your parents read about the Party Viking Youth Movement.

Me – And make sure they stay away from 75% of the NSM membership. They seem to prey on the young ones.

Nazi girl tries to justify the sickness of NSM’s leader to me – lol

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Here is a spam comment I found –

What wife did the Commander leave? Angela Cloutier and Jeff were never
married. She was just a girlfriend and most of the children that were living in the home are not even his. Angela has children with various men and Jeff considering he already had one with her, felt bad for her and tried to make ammends. So get your facts straight Mr. Burks

from TKD chick


I see… So he only ditched some of the children. How nice. But my dear, you didn’t answer the rest of my comments. How can you follow and take up for a loser who allows sex offenders and child molesters as members? I can answer for you – Like Jeff-boy, you are a reject. Anyone that allows sickos such as John Snyder and Levi (sounds very Jewish btw lol) Lucas as members, is also sick. Jeff is no better than they are. Actually, he is worse for allowing people like this membership.

Would you trust either one around children? Or a young woman? These men belong in jail. As for Jeff, he does too. If not a jail; he should be put away in a mental hospital.

So my dear, you learn some facts along with some common sense. If you allow your children around Jeff, they should be taken away.

NSM member arrested for Parole Violations – was a sex offender

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Another sicko of America’s largest Neo-Nazi group, NSM, was arrested. The reason, a sex offender. I am not sure the details. Maybe he attacked women. Maybe like their ex-chairman, he enjoyed young teens and children. Whatever the case may be, once less loser. Below is the link –

Nothing new for these losers.








NSM rally – flop in the making

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Below is the typical Nazi “event”, some 35 people or less (maybe 70 if they have free beer) –

Here is a typical night at Rupp Arena watching Kentucky play basketball, some 24,000 people –

My point is simple : nobody cares about Neo-Nazis.