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High school hate crime

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NARRAGANSETT — School officials have assembled a team of faculty, parents and religious leaders to address students about tolerance after anti-Semitic graffiti appeared in a boys bathroom at the high school earlier this month.


In addition to the graffiti, Superintendent Katherine E. Sipala cited other incidents involving a small group of students perpetrating hateful speech and teasing other students about their ethnicity in the school. She said the behavior is unacceptable and the district is addressing the issue full force.

“When I heard about the graffiti, I was so sad about it,” Sipala said. “But we’re not going to get frozen by it. We’re taking this seriously and want parents to know that we’re going to deal with it appropriately.”

Principal Daniel F. Warner sent a letter to parents on Tuesday explaining what happened. He said the graffiti was “hurtful” and “disturbing” and “goes against everything we are trying to accomplish here at Narragansett High School.”

A team lead by school psychologist Ruth Anderson, consisting of parents, faculty and community members – including local clergy – will meet with students and is in the planning stages for a broader response in the coming days. The group was formed immediately after the graffiti incident.

Sipala said that clergy members will help the district bring in speakers to address the issue of intolerance and help staff and students deal with their feelings if they have been discriminated against.

In terms of the students who have been teasing other students, Sipala said it is a small group of younger students, consisting mostly of freshmen. Those students have been spoken to on an individual basis and their parents have been involved.

As far as the student who wrote the graffiti, Sipala said that the police have been notified and there is an ongoing investigation.

But the broader issue isn’t finding and punishing the student responsible for the graffiti, Sipala said. It’s to use the situation as a learning experience and opportunity to improve the overall school atmosphere.

In addition, school officials are asking parents to lead by example. In his letter, Warner wrote, “A heartfelt conversation centered on being accepting of one another would speak volumes to your children.”

The situation also gives Warner hope that students who have witnessed discriminatory behavior will feel empowered to speak up, or will realize that their silence can be interpreted as condoning such behavior.

“By doing nothing,” Warner said, “they give tacit approval that these events are within the boundaries of acceptable high school behavior. They are not.”

Anti-Semitic Incidents Decline for Fourth Straight Year

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New York, NY, June 1, 2009 … The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States declined for the fourth consecutive year, according to newly issued statistics from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The League’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, issued today, counted a total of 1,352 incidents of vandalism, harassment and physical assaults against Jewish individuals, property and community institutions in 2008, representing a 7 percent decline from the 1,460 incidents reported in 2007.

The Audit identified 37 physical assaults on Jewish individuals, 702 incidences of anti-Semitic vandalism, and 613 cases of harassment in 2008.  They included acts against high-profile Jewish community institutions and communal properties, such as the repeated vandalism of the San Francisco Holocaust Memorial, and the desecration of dozens of graves at a Jewish cemetery in Chicago with swastikas and hate group symbols.

Of the total 1,352 incidents, 42 percent occurred at homes, private buildings or businesses, and 23 percent took place in educational establishments, including public and private schools and universities, according to the Audit.

 “It is encouraging that the number of anti-Semitic incidents continues to decline, but the sheer volume of incidents reported and the violent nature of many of the physical assaults is a reminder that we cannot be complacent,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “Had law enforcement not thwarted the alleged terrorist bombing plot against synagogues in Riverdale, New York, it would have been a horrific anti-Semitic attack.”

The 2008 Audit comprises data from 44 states and the District of Columbia, including official crime statistics as well as information provided to ADL’s regional offices by victims, law enforcement officers and community leaders.  The Audit identifies criminal acts, such as vandalism, violence and threats of violence, as well as non-criminal incidents of harassment and intimidation, including hate propaganda, leafleting and verbal slurs.

“The Audit is one barometer of anti-Semitism,” said Mr. Foxman.  “The explosive expansion of the Internet and social-networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube has become a new frontier for anti-Semitism, and so anti-Jewish expression is hard to quantify in this environment.  It’s here today, gone tomorrow, and back the next day.

“In 2008, the financial crisis brought about an increase in rhetoric targeting Jews, with letters in newspapers and on Web sites blaming Jews for the misdeeds of a select few, with Bernard Madoff topping the list,” added Mr. Foxman.  “Hate groups and anti-Semites used the global economic downturn to breathe new life into old myths of greedy and money-hungry American Jews, and these took on a life of their own on the Internet and in the real world.”

Anti-Semitic incidents last peaked in 2004, when the League reported 1,821 incidents in the U.S.

For reporting purposes, the Audit divides anti-Semitic incidents into three categories: Anti-Semitic Assaults, involving violence against Jewish individuals or those thought to be Jewish; Vandalism, such as property damage, cemetery desecration or anti-Semitic graffiti; and Harassment, including threats, slurs and activity by anti-Semitic hate groups:

• Assaults: A total of 37 anti-Semitic assaults were reported in 2008.  The assaults included attacks with baseball bats and other weapons, punching and rock-throwing.  In some cases, victims were hospitalized.

• Vandalism:  There were 702 cases of anti-Semitic vandalism reported in 2008, up from 612 cases in 2007. 

• Harassment: A total of 613 incidents of anti-Semitic harassment were reported in 2008.  (In 2007, the categories of assaults and harassment were combined for reporting purposes, for a total of 745 incidents.  In 2008, the combined total of assaults and harassment was 650).

“The bad news is Jews continue to be the number one religion group targeted for hate,” said Glen S. Lewy, ADL National Chair.  “The good news is there’s a greater awareness within local Jewish communities that the potential for anti-Semitic activity should always be a concern. Communities have responded with heightened security and by partnering with law enforcement in an attempt to mitigate the threat.”

Continuing a longtime trend, the states with the highest totals were those with large Jewish populations.  The top four states accounted for 59 percent of the anti-Semitic incidents recorded by ADL. 

The states with the highest totals were New Jersey (238, down from 247); California (226, up from 186); New York (207, down from 351); Florida (122, down from 127); Pennsylvania (97, down from 99); Massachusetts (52, down from 95); and Connecticut (38, down from 49).

Neo-Nazis protest over David Duke’s arrest – they should be arrested also

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Roughly 70 neo-Nazis protested today in front of the Czech Interior Ministry against the detention of former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke and his deportation from the Czech Republic. The American was due to lecture in the country over the weekend, but police arrested and deported him. Outgoing Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb said today that Duke’s opinions are dangerous and praised the police procedure taken against him.

“We want to draw attention to the case of Mr David Duke, who was detained and charged for a crime which in our opinion he did not commit,” Filip Vávra explained when asked what today’s demonstration was about. Vávra is connected to the neo-Nazi movement Národní odpor (“National Resistance”), which invited the American to the Czech Republic. Vávra added that they were protesting against using the police to achieve political objectives. At the demonstration, Vávra collected money from neo-Nazis for legal aid for the former Ku Klux Klan boss. Adam Berčík of the Dělnická strana (“Workers’ Party”) also spoke. Our correspondents tell us that other members of the extremist Workers’ Party such as Martin Zbela, Patrik Vondrák, Petr Fryč and Lucie Šlégrová, also attended the march, .

Up to 70 right-wing radicals marched towards the center of town. They originally wanted to march through Letenský sady, across the river on Čechův most and then on to either the Old Town Square or Wenceslaus Square. However, in the end they had to choose a different route, as according to Prague police spokesperson Ján Mikulovský their original march would have brought them too close to the former Jewish town.

In the end, the neo-Nazis marched up Revoluční třída to Můstek, where they ended their demonstration shortly before 15:30. On the way they shouted slogans such as “Freedom of speech”, “The Czech Republic is a police state” and “David Duke is a political prisoner”. According to Mikulovský, the police had no reason to intervene against them. Police monitored the entire protest; special riot units were on guard in front of the ministry and officials from the Prague Town Hall observed the demonstration as well.

The gathering was not announced, which means whoever convened it committed a misdemeanor. According to Mikulovský, however, it is very difficult to determine who convened the gathering. “Now we are evaluating whether the speakers committed misdemeanors or felonies,” he said. Speaking before the demonstration he stated that the police intended to intervene only if the law on assembly or the law on the public promotion of opinions supporting movements aimed at suppressing human rights were violated.

Duke was detained and charged with this latter crime. According to the police and other experts, Duke denies the Holocaust in his recent book, “My Awakening”.

“This is a person who would contribute toward enhancing the Czech neo-Nazis’ ideological background,” Kocáb warned on the Czech Television program “Václav Moravec’s Questions”. In Kocáb’s view, the procedure taken against Duke was correct.

Duke’s book has been published in Czech translation by Kontingent Press. The publishing house has been involved in several other controversial enterprises before, and Deputy Police Director Jiří Houba would not rule out criminal prosecution of the publisher today. The police have been researching the text all month. “We must concern ourselves with the circumstances under which the book was published and that is relatively more difficult,” Houba said on “Václav Moravec’s Questions”.


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Often Neo-Nazi and KKK types leave nasty comments on my blog. Sometimes I approve these for the sane world to see.

Many of the comments are threats or comments calling me out. Listen, I am on here using my real name. My Location such as city and state is known. Unlike them, I don’t hide behind fake user names like “Sam Adams”, “Whitedude666” and “Nazipunkchick88”.

Listen, if you got an issue with me, face me in person. Of course you won’t. Like Randy Gray, a stalker who harasses me online, you will post under funny screen names on trash sites like VNN and Stromfront. You losers are nothing more than punks. Get over the fact I expose and tell the truth about you. Grow up and do something useful in life besides making  jokes about black people or complain how Jews “own everything”. Life is too short to waste over such nonsense. Maybe get a hobby. Heck, my personal blog Michael Burks has many posts about hobbies I have. Maybe you losers should try one.

Nazis use Tea Party protests to enter the “Mainstream”

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Don’t believe me? Read some of their links –