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Info on August Kreis – Another “winner” of the Aryan Nations

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The more I read about the Aryan Nations I laugh. I don’t see “white power”. Instead, I see white trash at its finest! I found this on the SPLC website, I am going to cut and paste certain sections and write my two cents in bold.

Kreis reportedly sells wooden wares as well as some edible goods, although for years — antigovernment sentiments aside — a steady cash flow has come from the welfare office (wife Karley has been the recipient as of late).

Why doesn’t that shock me that he lived on welfare?

He puffs a lot of smoke, and tries to get a lot of people excited and worried about him,” adds Joe Wolf, another local pastor. “Truth be told, he’s hardly got any following around here.”

LOL, really? Look at the guy for God’s sake. He makes Randy Gray look sane!

During the past five years, numerous ministers involved in Potter County United have reported threats and intimidation at the hands of Kreis. “We will be watching you,” Kreis warned in an e-mail to all of the ministers, attaching a picture of himself with a gun. “You will pay the ultimate price.”

Yes sir, what a good way to get people on your side. Can we say, “crazy”?

Kreis didn’t always say such things publicly. After dropping out of high school and spending time on a naval vessel off the coast of Vietnam, he returned to his hometown of Newark, N.J., and was soon working for a Jewish developer.

A high school dropout? What other Aryan Nations member dropped out of high school… Let me think… Randy Gray… lol

Kreis was fired from his job in 1981, after holding Klan meetings “in a complex that was 90 percent Jewish and owned by a Jew.” He then moved around with his wife and three children, finding a home near Easton, Pa., until unpaid utility bills caught up with him. His water was shut off, his house condemned, and he was forced to move to a plot bought by his brother.

A bum that didn’t pay bills. What other Aryan Nations member is begging for money for a laywer. Nevermind, just named him above lol.

Eventually Kreis’ first marriage broke up, and in his mid-30s he wedded a teenager named Karley. He took custody of the children whom he’d eventually be barred from seeing, and in the early 1990s moved to his current residence in Ulysses.

First marriage failed, what a shock… Married a teen – odd…

Meet Martin Lindstedt – another loon from the Aryan Nations

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I will be honest, I’ve only read two entire stories from his site, I have a life and much better things to do with my time.

Here is some background on “pastor” Lindstedt. So you know, the case was dismissed. Then again, what does that truly mean? OJ Simpson was also found innocent of murder lol. Anyways, here is his background,

White supremacist Martin Lindstedt, of Granby, Missouri, was arrested by Newton County authorities on May 10, and charged with first degree statutory sodomy, a charge that indicates the victim was under 12 years of age.



For years, Lindstedt, a former truck driver, has been a vocal white supremacist and an adherent of Christian Identity, a racist and anti-Semitic religious sect.  Most recently, he had been the Missouri contact for the Church of the Sons of Yahweh, a Louisiana-based Christian Identity group whose leader, Morris Gulett, was arrested in May 2005 for allegedly planning a bank robbery.


Newton County authorities said that Lindstedt’s arrest followed an investigation stemming from a report of child abuse.   According to documents posted by Lindstedt to his Web site, his four grandchildren were removed from his custody following the report and he was suspected by authorities of having abused them.


Lindstedt said on his Web site that local authorities “and probably the jews and feds,” wanted to create false child molestation charges against him, and claimed that he “notified the Resistance to commit some discreet atrocities if necessary for revenge.”   He told a local prosecuting attorney that he prayed every day that God or Muslims would use biological warfare on the U.S. and that he himself looked forward “to destroying your families in retaliation for destroying not only my family, but the families of so many others.”


In the 1990s, Lindstedt was an early proponent of the anti-government militia movement, operating his “one-man militia group,” the 7th Missouri Militia, and publishing an occasional newsletter, “The Modern Militiaman’s Gazette,” throughout the late 1990s.  Over time, Lindstedt became more interested in promoting white supremacy, changing the title of his newsletter to the “Resistance Political Frontline.”


Lindstedt achieved most of his notoriety as a perennial candidate for public office.  Since 1994, he has run for federal, state, and local offices, on a variety of political party tickets, but has invariably lost, typically with a miniscule percentage of the vote.

Meet another member of the Satanic Aryan Nations – Mr. Furrow

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Yes sir, what good “Christians” these guys truly are!


Recent Developments

In the past, Butler has managed to raise funds for Aryan Nations activities by encouraging congregants to make offerings and pay membership fees, in addition to selling flags and tapes of his sermons. Supporters are also required to tithe 10 percent of their incomes. The group’s financial prospects changed dramatically in 1998, however, when Carl E. Story and R. Vincent Bertollini, acquaintances of Butler who had become wealthy in the field of computer technology, donated a significant sum to the group. Both recent transplants from California’s Silicon Valley to Sandpoint, Idaho, they founded and lead the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, an Identity ministry that shares the apocalyptic racism of Aryan Nations. The two men have underwritten several expensive propaganda efforts, including the distribution of a videotaped interview with Butler that was reportedly sent to 9,000 residents of northern Idaho.

Story and Bertollini’s largesse aside, the past three years have been difficult for the organization. On August 10, 1998, the group received significantly negative publicity when a 37-year-old former Aryan Nations guard named Buford Furrow

Aryan Nations members at Hayden Lake, Idaho in 1995. Buford Furrow (second from right), at the time an Aryan Nations guard, killed one person and wounded five others in a 1998 shooting spree in Los Angeles.

shot and wounded three young boys, a teenage girl and a receptionist at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles. Furrow, who had a history of mental illness and trouble with the law, fired more than 70 rounds from a submachine gun, fled from the crime scene and later shot and killed a Filipino-American postal worker, Joseph Ileto. After evading authorities for nearly 24 hours, Furrow surrendered to the FBI in Las Vegas. He declared that his murder spree was intended as “a wake-up call to America to kill Jews” and that he had killed Ileto because the man was nonwhite and worked for the federal government.

Two years later, in September 2000, Aryan Nations’ security force made national headlines again when a jury awarded $6.3 million to Victoria and Jason Keenan, a mother and son (represented by the Southern Poverty Law Center) who had been assaulted, chased and shot at by Aryan Nations guards after briefly stopping their car on a road in front of the compound two years before. The jury found Aryan Nations and Butler guilty of negligence in the selection, training and supervision of the security guards. The judgment bankrupted Butler and his group, and the 20-acre Aryan Nations compound and the Aryan Nations name were legally handed over to the Keenans: Butler renamed his organization the Aryan National Alliance. Patrons Bertollini and Story purchased a new home for the Identity pastor in nearby Hayden, Idaho, where he vowed to continue his activities, including propaganda distribution and posting to the Web site.

As the bankruptcy sale of the compound and the Aryan Nations name approached, some of Butler’s followers began defecting to a newly-established Christian Identity church, the Church of True Israel, based in Noxon, Montana. Headed by a “council of prelates” instead of a single leader, the Church was founded in 1996 by five men, all of whom were once tied to Aryan Nations. During the summer 1995 Aryan World Congress, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reported, a faction of state Aryan leaders attempted unsuccessfully to wrest power away from Butler; soon afterward, two of the failed mutineers, John Burke and Charles Mangels, left Aryan Nations and founded the new church. Like its predecessor it preaches white supremacy, but it has distanced itself from Butler’s glorification of Nazism. Although precise connections cannot be drawn, several of Butler’s close supporters are rumored to have ties to True Israel.

Sherry Shriner – cult UFO preacher exposed

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The Bible Text is clear that Adam and Eve had sexual intercourse (“knowing”) and Eve conceived and bore Cain.Sherry Shriner and others claim the Bible is mistranslated to hide the “secret” that Cain was the offspring of Satan. But the above verse is an accurate translation of the Hebrew Text.Eve saw the miracle of Birth as coming from God as many women do today. Eve knew who Satan was and who God was. Eve knew she had sex with her husband ADAM, not Satan (The Serpent) who deceived her in the gardenLook at the next verse in Gen:4:2

“And Eve again bore a son and
named him Abel”.As the Bible did not say “And Adam knew his wife and she conceived and bore Abel”, it does seem to indicate that Cain and Abel were twins, possibly identical twins. If they were Twins, it is impossible that Cain was born of the “evil” serpent seed”.Cain later killed Abel in a jealous rage. We then read in Genesis 4, that “Adam knew his wife (Eve) and she conceived and bore a third son, SETH.”This is more proof that Eve conceived twice from Adam. First, she gave birth to twins, Cain and Abel. The second time, she gave birth to SETH. (SETH is traced to Enoch, to Noah, to Shem to Abraham to Mary to JESUS, not the aryan,anglo saxon races, as promoted by Sherry Shriner). This is why The Jewish race is called the Semitic Race as they are descendents of SHEM = Shemitic.

The Bible text is clear that Satan did not have Sex with Eve and produce Cain. Cain & Abel were born of Adam and Eve. Cain chose to follow sin, evil and kill his brother. It was the jealousy in his heart not the genetics in his blood.

In her presentation of The “Serpent Seed”, Sherry Shriner adds a “free will spin”. Sherry claims that even if you are genetically born of Satan’s Seed, you can still come to JESUS and be saved. If you have Satan’s genes, how can you come to God?Even if you could? what is the Fruit of Sherry’s Teaching? Pumping the white race full of pride by saying the anglo=saxon and french races are The True Israelites, the true chosen people.Fanning The Flames of Anti-Semitic Hatred by claiming The Jews in Israel are Satan’s Spawn, The False Evil Jews?

Sherry’s Promotion of The “SS” Doctrine, takes our focus off of GOD and places it upon ourselves. “Am I born of the serpent seed?” Maybe I have so much difficulty in following God because I have “serpent seed” blood?..My husband and I have blue eyes as do two of my children, my third child is always getting in trouble and lying and has brown eyes… do you think he could be serpent seed?…… and on and on and, looking deeper and deeper into Satan’s twisted looking glass of condemnation and accusation.NO GOOD FRUIT COMES FROM THE DOCTRINE OF THE SERPENT SEED, FREE WILL SPIN OR NOT! YOU CANNOT MIX THE THINGS OF GOD WITH THE THINGS OF SATAN. LIGHT HATH NO FELLOWSHIP WITH DARKNESS.

If you want to believe The Doctrine of The Serpent Seed” you must believe (as taught by Sherry Shriner) that The Book of Genesis (the original Hebrew Text) was tampered with, changed and corrupted”…. and this belief has been part of Satan’s deception, going back to the Garden of Eden, when Satan (the serpent) said to Eve, “Has God really said that?”FINAL THOUGHT
If according to Sherry Shriner, all can come to JESUS for Salvation, even those of the “serpent seed”, why teach “Serpent Seed” Doctrine at all? Why open the Pandora’s Box of Problems? Why not just preach The Gospel and people will choose JESUS or not?BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT SATAN WANTS!!!It is my hope and prayer that Sherry opens her heart to God and sees the error of her ways. She also distorts much of what The Bible says about The Rapture and The ESCAPE that GOD has provided for us, in These End Times.God Bless You
Pastor Harry
Church of Philadelphia Internet.


fn 1):In The Gospel of Luke 20, Jesus tells us that angels don’t marry or reproduce. If Satan was an Archangel (spirit being) he could not mate with Eve. In the most esoteric sense, Satan would have to be Extra- Terrestrial, say from Mars, to mate with human women.

fn2): The Serpent Seed “SS” doctrine has never produced anything good, only hate, death and destruction. The “SS” Doctrine will be the secret belief of Antichrist (The Beast) which he will reveal more and more as he gains world acceptance.

The “Da Vinci Code” falls right in line with The “SS” Doctrine of the aryan races (French, German etc) being The True “Israelites”, just in time for The End Times.