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My letter to the Courier-Journal – the ungodly newspaper of Louisville, KY

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Like always, the Courier-Journal posted a letter from some ignorant Bible quoter. This writer claimed that Jesus never said marriage was only between a man and woman. Not sure where he got that lie from. This is an attack on both Jews and Christians who love our Lord Yahweh.  Below is my letter in bold.

I laughed out loud after reading the letter by the writer who made the claim that Jesus never spoke out against gay marriage. What Bible does he read from? I own 12 translations and quickly came across Matthew 19:4. Jesus clearly states marriage is between a man and a woman. I would pay money if this writer could find one verse in the Bible where Jesus says homosexual marriage is accepted.


Of course what should I expect from a person who supports gay marriage? I shouldn’t be shocked he is ignorant in regards to Scripture. Of course Jesus stated that those who follow Him can understand Him. This writer, along with homosexuals, can’t (John 8:47).


Hopefully the Courier-Journal (I know they won’t) will actually do research before posting such ignorant comments which are anti-Christian. The writer should also read what the prophet Hosea (4:10) once said and take his advice, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

Facts about me and some of my views on the Jewish people

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1 – Are you Jewish?


No, I am a Christian.


2 – Why do you support Jews since the majority of them are not Christians?


Simple, the mass majority of early Christians were. The founder of Christianity was Jewish. It was racism of the Church, dating back to the Catholic Church which led Jews to give up their faith in Christ. To this very day this same racism has been the issue with many Jews never converting back to Christ. However, the four Gospels, the book of Acts and many of the letters Paul wrote clearly show that the early Church was Jewish.


3 – Do you observe Old Testament Law?


Yes. Like the early Christians, I sure do. Jesus, the founder of the Christian faith also followed the Old Testament Law. But don’t take my word on that, please read the New Testament.


4 – Don’t Jews follow the Talmud which says to hate Christians and Gentiles?


Some Jews do follow the Talmud, but only a small minority. That’s like saying all Christians are Mormons because a minority of Christians are Mormons or that all Italians are all mobsters because a very small minority is.


5 – Aren’t Jews to blame for the murder of Christ?


Yes, and so are you and I. Remember, Jesus came to this world free of Sin and lived a sin free life. He died for the sins of the Jewish people as well as the Gentile world. Let’s also not forget the Romans also played a role in the death of Jesus. So again, the world is to blame for the death of Jesus.


6 – Haven’t Christian Leaders spoken out against Jews?


Yes, and they were wrong in doing so. People like Justin the Martyr and Martin Luther both made racist comments towards Jews. Just because these men helped shaped much of Christianity doesn’t mean their views and comments on Jews should be accepted. Some churches today allow women to rule over men and homosexuals to preach – both ideas are unbiblical. Just because something takes place and is accepted by the masses doesn’t always make it correct or right.


7 – Do you believe Jews still go to Heaven?


Depends on the Jew. If they believe in Christ like Messianic Jews, then yes, they go to Heaven. If not, then no. The same goes for the Gentile world.


8 – Do you believe Jews are still God’s chosen people?

Yes. Israel has always been the Holy land since given to the ancient Hebrews and it will most certainly be the Kingdom where Christ shall return.


9 – Do you support people like John Hagee?


No. Hagee teaches that Jews are saved by the Old Covenants made in the Old Testament. Even Messianic Jews do not believe such nonsense. Our faith in Christ is what gives us ever lasting life – John 3:16.


10 – Do you believe Christians should openly support Jews?


Yes. The Bible is clear those who bless Israel shall be blessed while those who curse them shall be cursed. We should always pray that the Hebrews will return to Israel and reestablished their Temple for the return of Christ and His glory.