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Meet “pastor” James Wickstrom – Jews, UFOs and four wives, what a great Christian, lol

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Posed before a backdrop of a Tennessee forest, Jim Wickstrom spews his life history into a camera. It’s late June, and Wickstrom has just been a victim of another attack, one of the many he claims to have suffered at the hands of his enemies over the years.

The latest assault on the “preacher” came this June 21 when someone burned down a furniture store in Hampton Township, Mich., where Wickstrom has been preaching “Racial Covenant Christian Identity” for the past three years.

Many of the audio- and videotapes he peddles over the Internet, representing his life’s work, were burned or damaged in the fire. Wickstrom quickly put out a call over the Internet to sympathizers, stumping for financial aid in order to continue his ministry.

And so it is not surprising that just days after the blaze, the prolific pastor already is taking steps to replenish his media inventory. After all, the man has a business to run, and preaching violence against Jews is his bread and butter.

At 62, Wickstrom is bloated and shifty-eyed. The oversized aviator glasses he wears magnify his jowl and the general downward slope of his features. For this video, Wickstrom has encased his sausage-like physique in a red polo shirt, eschewing the formal sports coat and tie he favors at racist rallies.

The film is a relatively calm accounting of his life and views as he outlines his career as a racist with arms folded over his bright red belly. Under these sedate circumstances, Wickstrom looks more like the Snap-On Tools salesman he was in the early ’70s, in the time before his anger found an outlet — and an accelerant — in the theology of Christian Identity.

But “Wickstrom Unplugged” doesn’t last for long.

Almost on cue, a voice off camera asks Wickstrom what he thinks should be done with the Jews, a topic that invariably brings out the Hulk in him.

Wickstrom’s hands begin to gesticulate, his face reddens, and he launches into a tirade that demonstrates what has made him one of Christian Identity’s most popular and volatile speakers.

“I’d like to see these Jews all be brought to the VA [Veterans Administration hospital] and wooden chairs be put down on the lawn. Tie the Jews in. Bring these veterans down who have been mutilated, physically mutilated, their lives ruined without the opportunity of a family or children, and give them baseball bats and let them beat these Jews to death! Every one of them!” he bellows.

“Take these chairs and Jews after they’re beaten to death, throw ’em in the wood chipper! And from the wood chipper let the remains go into a big incinerary truck, which is right behind the wood chipper, and give them the holocaust they rightly deserve!”

“Even the women and children?” he’s asked by his interviewer.

“Take ’em all,” he snarls. “Take ’em all and let none remain!”

Wickstrom Redux
Wickstrom’s an aging, old-school Christian Identity racist whose career has seen better days. For a time in the early ’80s, Wickstrom was one of the hottest haters in the country, preaching Yahweh’s word across the Great Plains and the upper Midwest and stirring up an army.

America’s farmers, in the grip of a devastating crisis, were a vulnerable audience. The government had urged them to expand their operations, then slapped them with a spike in interest rates. Banks called in loans. People lost farms, and Wickstrom’s hard-core combination of antigovernment teachings and Bible-based racism drew substantial crowds. The fervently anti-Semitic, antigovernment Posse Comitatus grew in strength.

Wickstrom told them their economic hardship was part of a plan to destroy God’s chosen people — the “White, Western Race” — and pointed to the Bible.

He told them debts and taxes were illegitimate and pointed to the Constitution. His conviction and passion were often mesmerizing.

But his message would start to decay.

Most of the legal advice he gave farmers created more problems than it solved. The “township” of Tigerton Dells that he and other Posse members dreamed up was seized by the very government its residents were plotting to overthrow.

Wickstrom and other Posse leaders would be arrested and incarcerated. The Posse began to fade, making way for the militia movement that would follow. The momentum it once had in its heyday, when Posse sympathizers numbered close to 50,000, came and went.

Despite his diminished presence in the movement today, Wickstrom’s influence over the past 30 years has been considerable. And by the look of things, “Wick,” as he is known, is not done yet.

Wickstrom is attempting to emerge from 15 relatively dormant years by very publicly aligning himself with one of two factions of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations vying for control of Richard Butler’s leaderless followers.

Since Butler’s death on Sept. 8, Charles Juba’s version of Aryan Nations, based in Pennsylvania and by far the weaker of the two, is clamoring for respect they hope an association with Wickstrom will bring and have named him their religious leader. Against most of the evidence, Wickstrom and Juba are now claiming that they are the anointed heirs of Butler and rightful owners of the well-known Aryan Nations name, even though Butler publicly excommunicated Juba (see Alabama Getaway) from his Idaho-based organization in January 2000 and never took him back.

“My work as World Chaplain is only beginning, and I look forward to being a part of the Aryan Nations of tomorrow,” Wickstrom wrote in an Oct. 11 press release in which he claims his appointment was part of a secret plan formulated years ago by Pastor Butler himself.

In the statement, Wickstrom proclaims Juba’s group the legitimate successor to Butler, and blames the confusion over which faction was the true Aryan Nations on a clever “cloak and dagger” operation designed to confuse the enemy while the organization was rebuilt.

Although it’s doubtful he’ll succeed in filling the shoes of one of the country’s most notorious neo-Nazi leaders, Wickstrom is one of the strongest candidates and most recognizable names the Christian Identity movement has.

He may have only been drawing a few dozen disciples to his furniture-store sermons in recent years — but consider that quality can be just as important as quantity when building an army for Yahweh. Among Wickstrom’s converts are men like James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols. When James devoted his life (and that of his incarcerated brother) to Aryan warriorhood on Oct. 5, 2003, Wickstrom was the first to shake his hand.

Still, some experts question Wickstrom’s relevance to the movement of today.

“Wickstrom has lost saliency,” says Leonard Zeskind, an expert on the Identity movement and the far right. “The terrain doesn’t exist for him anymore.”

Some of Wickstrom’s closest supporters have condemned him for a relationship he began in August 2003 with another man’s wife. So while Wickstrom’s name was intended to bring legitimacy to Juba’s faction of the Aryan Nations (which Zeskind dismisses as the “sewer end of the movement”), it’s possible that his presence will actually hurt Juba.

Other observers aren’t ready to count Wickstrom out just yet.

“Jim Wickstrom has a certain stature in the racist movement — one Juba doesn’t have — and especially among the more religious, the biggest ones that are really into the Christian Identity aspect,” says Floyd Cochran, a former Aryan Nations spokesman who now speaks out against racism.

“With the death of Richard Butler, the Christian Identity aspect of the movement is now more focused on Wickstrom.”

Kerry Noble, a former Identity adherent who has also left the movement, knew Wickstrom in the ’80s agrees that Wickstrom’s new position may be more than just a coda to his career. “The movement is lacking true leadership, and Wickstrom is the closest thing that most groups have.”

Birth of a Salesman
Under different circumstances, Jim Wickstrom might have been making Chiquita banana stickers and Elmer’s Glue labels at a Kimberly-Clark paper mill for a living instead of talking about putting people in wood chippers.

Wickstrom was born in 1942 in Munising on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Although Wickstrom describes the town as Michigan’s “Naples on the lake,” the slogan is far grander than the dreary circumstances of the tiny, working-class town warrant.

Times have always been tough in Munising, where the century-old paper mill on the lake’s eastern shore looms large in the life of residents, and the annual average income is less than $13,000.

Wickstrom was the second of three sons. His father worked as a foreman at a sawmill. His mother was a homemaker. Wickstrom graduated from high school in 1960 and worked various jobs before joining the military in 1964. He served two years (not six, as he often claims), mostly as a warehouseman stationed in Fort Lewis, Wash., and in Okinawa, and never saw combat.

But Wickstrom did see black men surpass him in rank left and right. He was outraged at what he calls blatant “reverse discrimination,” and it was the first time he remembers feeling racially aware.

Wickstrom was discharged as a private first class in 1966 and returned to an America he didn’t understand. The sex, drugs and foul language of the ’60s repulsed him, and he saw it as a sign America’s character was weakening.

In 1970, he married the first of his four wives, Dianne, whom he met while working for Johnson Wax. In 1973, he ran a service station in Racine, Wis., without success, and then gave it up to go sell tools.

Soon after he left the service station, Wickstrom was hired by Snap-On Tools and began traveling as a salesman. The position suited him for a time, but Wickstrom was soon to discover tools weren’t the only things he could sell.

Lies of Islam

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note – normally I do not support this woman in anyway shape or form. However, this list of Islamic lies are worth posting.

They start accumulating in countries and then start terrorizing it with gangs of rapists, violence and civil disruption.

They are possessed, demon possessed. They seek to spread fear and violence, they are pawns of the devil who feeds off of the fear and suffering they create for power.

Just as their leader, Mohammad, they use “God” as an excuse to prey on innocent people. Mohammad was a robber and a thief, his followers are no different.

It is not the Most High God they serve, but Satan.

  Don’t you think the Arabs make it hard for themselves to garner sympathy from the western civilized nations when all they do is preach the death and destruction of those very nations?See the Koran Film:

   Their religion is one of hate, not love. The Talmudic Jews preach that anyone not a (Kazaar) Jew as they are should be killed. Should we let the two races alone to just go at it amongst themselves and kill each other off?

     Every religion thinks they are the only ones serving the true God and going to heaven. The Jews, the Moslems, the Catholics, the Protestants. God does not live in a book, He lives in the hearts of those who truly love and worship Him.  Religions are used to manipulate and control mankind to further political agendas.

     Get out of RELIGION and get into a RELATIONSHIP with the One true God. Ask HIM to teach you the truth in ALL things.


Read The Coming Arab Beast

There are 5 Beasts Coming: An Arab beast, an Aramean Beast, an Aryan Beast, a Black Beast, and a Female Beast.


      Muslim activists in the West have been using the tactic of claiming that they worship the same god as the Christians in order to gain legitimacy and acceptance. They have been using the name “God” in place of “Allah” in many translations of the Qur’an.

Muslims DO NOT pray to the same God (Yahweh/ Jehovah of Holy Scripture) of Christians and Jews!  Yahweh is transliterated from the Hebrew YHVH.

Before Muhammad the Arabs had 365 gods – one for each day of the year.  Muhammad picked Allah (the Arab moon god).


They claim the founder of Islam is a prophet named Muhammad…however Muhammad himself says he is not a prophet and has never personally heard from God…in fact Muhammad who heard voices thought himself it was from evil spirits….his wife encouraged him to change his mind and claim God had spoken to him…

      Muhammad was a pedophile, having sexual relations with a 6 year old and 9 year old girl.


  Muhammad performed no miracles, spoke no prophecies,
and died like all mortal men


Islam claims the Prophet Muhammad was foretold in the Torah and Bible:

The coming of Prophet Muhammad had been foretold in the Torah. God had said to Moses: “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and I will put My words in his mouth; and he shall speak to them all that I shall command him” Deuteronomy 18:18

This was fulfilled in John 1:45, “We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.”  Nope..not Muhammad! It was Jesus of Nazareth!


There are more than 100 verses in the Qur’an (Koran) advocating the use of violence to spread IslamThere are exactly 123 verses in the Qur’an about killing and fighting.


Qur’an 9:5, known as “the verse of the sword,” declares, “Fight and slay the pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem.”

 The Koran was written 500 years after the Bible and Muhammad couldn’t get his history straight? Who was talking to his head? Certainly wasn’t the Most High God.

The Moslems consider the Qur’an as uncorrupted. Yet it’s historical and scientific blunders are numerous..

Islam teaches that Hagar was Abraham’s first wife..the Torah says Hagar was Sarah’s handmaiden, or bondwoman…..Hagar was never Abraham’s wife..she was a maid…a servant…who had a child for Abraham because Sarah was barren and couldn’t conceive. Eventually Sarah did conceive and Hagar was cast into the desert with Ishmael her son. 

The Muslims misquote the Bible claiming the “freewoman” wife of Abraham was Hagar when it was Sarah. Hagar was the bondwoman, servant of Sarah. In other words, Sarah was Abraham’s wife, Hagar was his mistress. When Isaac was born, Ishmael and Hagar were cast away from Abraham and sent into the desert away from him and Sarah.

Ishmael was promised to be a great nation, and today he is, but the blessings of Abraham and Yahweh’s covenant went through Isaac and his seedline.      Biblically speaking, the land of Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews because God promised and gave the land to Abraham, the Father of the Jews, and renewed this promise or covenant to Abraham’s son Isaac and to Isaac’s son Jacob (later renamed Israel by God) who begat twelve sons from whom the twelve tribes of Israel was established as a nation as described in Genesis 12:1-3; 17:7,8 and 17:19-21.

 The state of Israel is a constant reminder to the world that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is alive and that one billion Arabs can’t keep them from possessing their promised land.

Was Jesus the ONLY Begotten Son of God? Yes. “For God so loved the world that He gave HIS ONLY Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth IN HIM should not perish, but have everlasting life – John 3:16…not through Muhammad, it was Jesus, Yahushua.

Did Jesus die on the cross? Yes. Matthew chapters 27&28 talk about his death and resurrection. Jesus defeated death when he arose from the grave 3 days later. Muhammad’s tomb still holds his body, Jesus’ does not! His tomb is empty!

Islam misquotes and teaches that Muhammad was prophesied..The Bible says,

   “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26).  Not Muhammad..the Holy Ghost..Holy Spirit..

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (I Tim. 2:5).


The False Cult of Islam


    Blunders in the Koran…

The Koran teaches that the world is flat.  This doctrine is believed by Islamic scholars even today.  The   Bible revealed that the earth is round in Isaiah 40:22. “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth”.  

 It is also  clear in the Qur’an that Muhammad and his Allah thought Moses lived at the time on Noah and that Jesus’ mother Mary was Moses’ and Aaron’s sister.

If the Qur’an is a true miracle of God – why is it so filled  with historical, scientific and other errors, including simple math?  Wouldn’t we expect an all-knowing Allah to be better student of history, science and math? Especially if he was getting his information straight from “God Himself”?

Muhammad had obviously heard some Bible stories, but he seems to have got them confused and mixed up when it came out in his prophetic utterances.  It is quite apparent that the Qu’ran is simply the product of hearsay and imperfect editing from a plurality of traditions then known to Muhammad.


Historical errors in the Qur’an:

The Historical, Scientific, simple mathematics and theological contradictions in the Qur’an are too numerous to list.  Remember, since Muhammad already proclaimed the Jewish Torah/Christian Old Testament  (Taurat) as correct in Qur’an  5:46/47 and 43:63 then the following gross errors that differ with the Torah are inexcusable.  These errors their selves scream out the Qur’an itself is entirely false.  Here are just a few:

In Sura 2:241 Muhammad confuses the persons of Saul and Gideon.

In Sura 2:55-60 the Israelites were said to be “a scanty band” vastly inferior to the Egyptians. But in Exodus 1:7-10 the Egyptian king said to his people that the Israelites had become “more and mightier than we”.

The Koran confused the sister of Moses (Miriam) with Mary, the mother of Jesus.  In Hebrew, Miriam and Mary are the same names.  

How many angels were talking to Mary? When the Qur’an speaks about the annunciation of the birth of Jesus to the virgin Mary, Sura 3:42,45 speaks about (several) angels while it is only one in Sura 19:17-21.  The Christian Bible clearly indicated one angel; “In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a town in Galilee called Nazareth,” Luke 1:26

Muhammad taught that Mary the mother of Jesus was the sister of Aaron and Moses – who lived 1,500 years earlier.  

Do you remember the evil Persian Haman who conspired to kill all the Jews during the time of Esther in the Babylonian captivity.  In the Koran, Muhammad incorrectly taught that this wicked man Haman was the prime minister of the Egyptian Pharaoh.  Throughout the Quran–Nimrod and Abraham, Haman and Moses, Mary and Aaron, the tower of Babel and Pharaoh were all pictured as living and working together. Moses and the flood are also incorrectly found together.  Muhammad thought these all happened at the same time.

What about Noah’s son? According to Sura 21:76, Noah and his family is saved from the flood, and Sura 37:77 confirms that his seed survived. But Sura 11:42-43 reports that Noah’s son drowns.

Sura 7:136, 7:59 say Noah’s flood took place in Moses’ day.  Did anyone tell Moses that?

Sura 14:37, says Abraham lived in the valley of Mecca. The Bible says he lived in Hebron, Israel. (Genesis 13:18, 23:2, 35:27)

Sura 7:54, 10:3, 11:7, and 25:59 clearly state that God created “the heavens and the earth” in six days. But in 41:9-12 the detailed description of the creation procedure adds up to eight days.

Suras 21:51-71; 37:97,98, says that Abraham was thrown into a fire [by Nimrod]. Nimrod and Abraham did not live at the same time. Muhammad was always mixing people together in the Qur’an who did not live at the same time. The Bible tells us Nimrod lived many centuries before Abraham.

Sura 6:74, says Abraham (called millata-Ibrahim in the Qur’an) father’s name was Azar. The Bible says it was Terah (Genesis 11:27).

Sura 12:21ff, says the man who bought Joseph was named Aziz. The Bible says it was Potiphar. 

Sura 37:100-112, says Abraham went to sacrifice Ishmael. The Bible says it was Issac.

Sura 5:73-75,116, Muhammad mistakenly thought the Christian Trinity was 3 gods: the Father, the Mother (Mary), and the Son (Jesus). 

Sura 28:8-9, says is was Pharaoh’s wife who adopted Moses. The Bible says it was Pharaoh’s daughter.

Sura 9:10, incorrectly says Zacharias could not speak for only three days.

Sura 20:87, 95, says the Jews made the golden calf in the wilderness at the suggestion of Samaritans. There were no Samaritans at that time.


Sura 18:85,86, says that Alexander the Great (Zul-qarinain) followed the setting sun and found that it went down into the waters of a muddy spring.   Sura 18:89-98 says Alexander the Great was a Muslim and worshipped Allah and lived to an old age.  Actually, Alexander the Great died very young and was by no means a Muslim. The Greek, Alexander the Great lived from 356 – 323 B.C. (Before Jesus).  He was 33 years old when he died. Muhammad and Islam did not come along till 610 A.D. (after Jesus), when Muhammad began preaching Allah and his new religion in Mecca.  This was over 900 years after Alexander the Great died. Yusuf Ali and the Concise Dictionary of Islam confirm that Zul-qarinain in the Quran is Alexander the Great.

The Qur’an also incorrectly says Abrah’s army was defeated by birds dropping stones on them. History says Abrah’s army withdrew after smallpox broke out.  It says; the Kabah was build by Adam and rebuilt by Abraham. It was built by pagans to worship a black rock that fell out of the sky. Abraham never lived in Mecca.

The Quran says that man was created from a clot of blood..the Torah says man was created from the dust of the ground.

“Read! In the name of your Lord Who Creates
Creates man from a clot of blood
Read! And your Lord is most generous
Teaches man that which he knew not” Quran 96:1-5

Other notable errors in the Qur’an:

More flip flops than John Kerry: The origin of calamity? Is the evil in our life from Satan [38:41], Ourselves [4:79], or Allah [4:78]?  Can slander of chaste women be forgiven? Yes [24:5], No [24:23].

Abrogation? “The words of the Lord are perfect in truth and justice; there is NONE who can change His words.” [Sura 6:115] Also see 6:34 and 10:64. But then Allah (Muhammad?) sees the need to exchange some of them for “better ones” [Sura 2:106, 16:101]. And it is not for ignorant people to question Allah because of such practices!

What is the punishment for adultery? Flogging with a 100 stripes (men and women) [Sura 24:2], “confine them to houses until death do claim them (lifelong house arrest – for the women) [Sura 4:15]. For men: “If they repent and amend, leave them alone” [Sura 4:16]. Sura 24:2 contradicts both the procedure for women and men in Sura 4. And why is the punishment for women and men equal in Sura 24 but different in Sura 4?

Didn’t Allah have a Basic Education?

It just doesn’t add up: Sura 4:11-12 and 4:176 state the Qur’anic inheritance law. When a man dies, and is leaving behind three daughters, his two parents and his wife, they will receive the respective shares of 2/3 for the 3 daughters together, 1/3 for the parents together [both according to verse 4:11] and 1/8 for the wife [4:12] which adds up to more than the available estate. A second example: A man leaves only his mother, his wife and two sisters, then they receive 1/3 [mother, 4:11], 1/4 [wife, 4:12] and 2/3 [the two sisters, 4:176], which again adds up to 15/12 of the available property.

Wine: Good or bad? Strong drink and … are only an infamy of Satan’s handiwork. [Sura 5:90, also Sura 2:219]. Yet on the other hand in Paradise are rivers of wine [Sura 47:15, also Suras 83:22,25]. How does Satan’s handiwork get into Paradise?

Islam says that the prophecy in Bible has been fulfilled by the advent of Prophet Muhammad. Jesus says in the Bible, John 16:7 and 16:13:
“If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you, but if I depart I will send him unto you . . .We will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak . . .”

The Comforter was the Holy Spirit, who did was not Muhammad, another blunder in Islam…


Contrast these blunders in the Qur’an (Koran) showing this book is NOT INSPIRED by God with this example of something really divinely inspired and accurate from the Jewish/Christian Bible:

Islam Rejects Christ’s Death on the Cross

Muslims have no hope of being saved – because nowhere in the Qur’an does Allah offer redemption.  Muhammad himself was unsure if he would ever be allowed into Heaven. 

Allah is not the God of the Jews or the Christians.  Allah is in fact a Meccan Moon god idol. To confess that Allah is the same God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses is to deny Jehovah God, who is revealed in the Lord Jesus the Christ!

Muslims even deny that Jesus died on the cross; something that was faithfully reported in 4 Gospels.    Consider the significance of the fact that no Jew or Roman alive at the time ever openly denied the Scriptural record of Jesus Christ’s life, death, ministry or resurrection.

 The Qur’an Lies and Covers up the Crucifixion of Jesus by claiming it never happened..

According to the Qur’an, and to Muslim tradition, He was never crucified. There is a verse in the Qu’ran which says that “they have not crucified Him but it was likened unto Him.” In some of their traditions, they claim that it was Judas Iscariot who was crucified on the cross. Their argument is that God, who sent such a great rasool as Jesus the Son of Mary, would never allow him to die such a shameful death on the cross.



Sure 4, 157. That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.”;- But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
Sure 4, 158. 158. Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise;-
Sure 4, 159. 159. And there is none of the People of the Book but must believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them;-
Sure 5, 17. Sure 5 17. They disbelieved indeed those that say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary. Say: “Who then hath the least power against Allah, if His will were to destroy Christ the son of Mary, his mother, and every one that is on the earth? For to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. He createth what He pleaseth. For Allah hath power over all things.”


In short, this Allah is not the God of the Jews or the Christians.  Allah is in fact a Meccan Moon god idol. To confess that Allah is the same God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses is to deny Jehovah God, who is revealed in the Lord Jesus the Christ!


The Qur’an does not deny Passion Week. Supposedly, as Jesus was on his way to the cross, God tricked everyone by putting someone else in his place and by taking Jesus to heaven. In the final analysis, Muslims have a theological argument against the cross and not an historical one. They reason like this: First, God is almighty. Secondly, he sent Jesus into the world as a great revealer of His law and will. And since God would never allow his prophet to be crucified, therefore, Jesus was not crucified.

As Muhammad was persecuted there is nothing unusual about a prophet like Jesus being persecuted. Muhammad had to flee for his life. There is such a thing as the suffering of Muhammad and of the Muslim community that had recognized his mission as the Messenger of Allah. Some sought refuge in Ethiopia. And then, in 622, he and the rest of his followers migrated to Medina. That marked the beginning of the Islamic (lunar) calendar. So the idea of suffering is part and parcel of the early Muslim Umma. But the idea of complete defeat or failure of a divine messenger is unthinkable. The Jews have this problem also. How could they accept somebody who was crucified? So we have the Qur’anic account of Good Friday, where God rescues our Lord from death at the eleventh hour.

 Muslims come from a religious background that has always denied both the historicity and necessity of the cross. Their Holy Book tells them that this central event in the life of the Messiah did not take place, and that someone else was crucified. Allah rescued the Messiah and thwarted the evil plans of the Jews negating the entire New Testament of the Gospel.


 As some Muslims claim, some other person was crucified. In other words, when it comes to the heart of the Christian message, Muhammad put in his veto. And this has marked his followers for the last fourteen hundred years. Muslims still veto the cross, even though the rest of mankind, regardless of their religious commitment acknowledges the historicity of that event!


 God’s Word is redemptive.  Where the Christian can see the Word of God consists of both law and gospel, the Muslim’s concept is that the Word of God is purely and simply law.


Islam offers HELL and that is all

Allah Promised hell for his followers:
 Sura 3:185, “Every soul shall have a taste of death: And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the Fire and admitted to the Garden will have attained the object (of Life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception.”




This Suras from Quran very clearly says that after death everyone will go to hell fire then judgment.. When a person went to hell fire then how and why it is possible that he/she can come out from hell fire and go to paradise.. no way.. This verse does not say anything about eternal life. This verse very clearly says that every believer in Allah is tasting death means they did not get the life while Jesus promised eternal life and heaven as we read in

John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.


And also every soul is going to hell fire till the day of judgment means they are not reaching heaven. So of course Allah promised hell fire for his believers.  There is no chance to go to heaven once you go to hell.  Jesus can save you when you are still in this world as He said in John 3:15 “that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.


How a person can save himself/herself from hell fire when he/she is already in hell fire? And this verse says that they will be there till the time of Day of Judgment. Do you think a person who is already in hell  will get a seat in heaven after judgment? Judgment is a day when people get their sentence and verdict.. and there are no second chances to “make it to heaven” once you have been cast into hell.

And he claims all those who don’t follow Islam are going to according to Muhammad, everyone is going to hell…

“If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (Submission to Allah), Never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost.”(Qur’an 3:85)


Allah promised hell fire for his followers 

 Jesus promised heaven for His followers.

Yet the Jihad martyrs are pumped up with grand illusions….

And what reward does Paradise bring to the jihad martyr? He is promised a palace of pearls in which are 70 mansions; inside each mansion are 70 houses and in each house a bed on which are 70 sheets and on each sheet a beautiful virgin. He is assured that he will have the appetite and strength of 100 men for food and sex.

This is the fantastic dream that is fed to Muslim boys from their childhoods.  Satan promised Jesus things similar to these and more, when he tempted Jesus in the desert.

To a Christian and any other true son or daughter of the true God, these things the Muslim hopes for are loathsome.  To a woman it has to be a hell… 

The only way to receive eternal life in heaven is through Yahushua the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God


Allah Offers NO Redemption.  Your entire eternal existence is spending time in hell…

Muslims have no hope of being saved – because nowhere in the Qur’an does Allah offer redemption.  Muhammad himself was unsure if he would ever be allowed into Heaven. 

Islam allows no freedom and is actually cruel towards women. This alone should make them realize that it is Satan behind Islam who wishes to enslave Muslims to turn them away from the truth. 

This lie of and by Islam has been the cause that has led billions of Muslim souls into a religion with no hope of redemption – because they reject the only way to redemption that God promised – to those who believe what God did through His son Jesus (Yahushua) on a cross in Jerusalem. 


Muhammad himself was convinced that the “revelations” he received in the Hira Cave were evil, and from a demon (Jinn). 

 Muhammad’s constant fits, foaming at the mouth and other manifestations certainly fit in with that idea. This is how demon possessed people are known to behave today, as they did in both the times of Jesus and Muhammad. The Hebrew prophets, and Jesus Christ never behaved like this. But all over the world where demons are listened to, you will find this kind of behavior.

Murder, rape, plunder and destruction are all perfectly fine with Allah – if done in the name of Islam

Koran (Qur’an) 8:67-68


Muhammad justified his crimes with divine revelation:

The details of all his criminal onslaughts in the form of battles and assassinations are chronicled in this article in a chronological manner. One should note that every time the ‘Apostle of Peace’ committed one of his criminal onslaughts, he always justified the crimes by quickly claiming a ‘divine revelation’ which conveniently removed the blame from his bloodied hands.


Muhammad was married to a 6 year old Jewish girl, while he was 51, and he had 11 wives


 Islamic fundamentalism promotes jihad (holy war), against those of other religious and political views.


In addition to good works, salvation is sought though observance of the Five Pillars: reciting “there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger,” praying five times per day, fasting, giving alms (donations to the poor), and a pilgrimage to Mecca.


The Arabic word Islam means “submission to the will of God” and a person who submits is called a Muslim. The Qur’an (or, Koran), the Torah, the Psalms of the Old Testament, and the Gospel of the New Testament are regarded as holy books. However, only the Qur’an is considered uncorrupted even though it was written 500 years after the Bible and is filled with historical and scientific blunders…


Islam rejects the Trinity doctrine, the deity of Christ and His Sonship, claiming that Jesus was only a great prophet. Muhammad is considered to be the greatest prophet, whose coming was allegedly predicted by Christ. Jesus told us The Holy Spirit was coming, the Spirit of God! Not Muhammad some fake, wannabe mortal human who couldn’t even get his demonic channeling straight that the earth isn’t flat!


Muhammad: Based on the teachings and life of Muhammad (570-632 AD) in Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia (then Persia). Islam is the second largest world religion, and has recently become the third largest religious body in America with over 6 million adherents. Muslim-based sects such as the Nation of Islam (which appeals especially to African-Americans) and Bahá’í (which proclaims the unity of the human race) have special appeal to many Americans. Islam is composed of two major divisions — the mainstream Sunni (the largest) and the more radical Shi’ites.

Will all Muslims go to Hell? According to Sura 19:71 every Muslim will go to Hell (for at least some time), while another passage states that those who die in Jihad will go to Paradise immediately. 

A symptom of evil (bait and switch).  Except for Allah saying he loved the Jew/Hebrew Moses (in 20:39)  there is not one mention of Allah unconditionally loving man in the Qur’an (Koran); or providing a route to salvation.  Can you be sure your time in Hell will not be an eternity?  If you do not do Allah’s bidding by doing terrorist acts — what future awaits you as a Muslim?   God already provided a simple plan to salvation; and it is the true path of Peace.  Muslims often say they honor Jesus as a great prophet.  If they truly honored Jesus Muslims would believe what He (Jesus) said; For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.John 3:16 


The Qurash (aka: Quraish) tribe which Muhammad belonged to was in charge of idol worship at the Ka’ba Shrine.  The chief god of Muhammad’s tribe was one of the three sister goddesses called al-Uzza, the youngest of the three daughters of the pre-Islamic Allah and the patron goddess of Mecca.  Her name means “the mighty one”.  The other two were named “al-Lat and “al-Manat”.  It was only by chance that a fortune teller counseled Muhammad’s grandfather against sacrificing Muhammad’s father to this al-Uzza pagan diety.  The head of these pagan deities was “Al-llah”.  It is believed that “al-llah” in Muhammad’s time before Islam referred to a vague moon god and that Muhammad believed that al-Uzza was a daughter of this “al-llah”.  

The Qurash tribe’s Allah corresponded to the god Bel, which is another name of the Assyrio-Babylonian gods En-lil and Marduk. It has the same meaning as Baal.  The Arabic today translates the word Allah as “God”.  Muhammad’s father’s name was “Abd-Allah” (or slave of Allah).   When Muhammad says there is only one god – Allah – now you have an idea what his background/ thinking was.