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New Aryan Translations of the Bible? – I am thinking this would be called “Cult” teachings

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Wow…………………….  What else needs to be said?


Meet a living Satan – “Pastor” Mark Downey

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Wow, I mean wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this Satanic being. Meet “Pastor” Mark Downey. His first name “Mark” fits him well. He has the mark of Satan to say the least.

First off, one must understand what Mark Downey teaches and believes. He follows a cult religion known as Christian Identity. This cult religion teaches that Europeans are the true Hebrews of the Bible and not Jews. Some sects, known as Dual-Seedline (based on a Jewish Talmud teaching) goes as far as claiming Jews are from Cain, a son of Satan and that all non-white races are muds (can anyone find these verses in the Bible for me).

For those who would want to take the time to read this nut-job’s “sermons”, his Satanic website can be found here. Below are just a few of his unbibical teachings –

Downey has a five part sermon called, “Why We Hate Jews“. Maybe Downey should check his history a little better since 64 out of 66 books in the Bible were written by Jews. (71 out of 73 in the Catholic Bible) Oh yeah, Jesus was Jewish – lol

Downey uses a good play with words (semantics) to try and prove a Jew in the Bible isn’t truly a Jew. I know, that alone sounds insane.

Downey denies angels. That is funny for a man who “Hates Jews” since that was a common teaching by the Sadducees (a Jewish sect) of Jesus’ day.

Wow, he also claims that Satan is fake, also a Sadducee teaching.

He blames the Jews for children murder. Look, I know like in all races, some Jews were guilty of this. But why does his website leave out the White Roman slaughter of early Jewish Christian children and the Spanish slaughter of Jewish Children?

I am not sure who ordained Mr. Downey. I am guessing no legit church or pastor did. He is one of the many crazies out there calling himself “Christian”.

Ever wonder why people mock Christians? Read this site for five seconds

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