Randy Gray crying on Youtube

Randy Gray, who is more than likely a closet homosexual, it still crying in Midland Michigan. He was kicked out of office. He is being taken to court and will lose. Here is the funny videos he’s been making on Youtube.
For those who don’t know, Gray is a KKK members who stalks me and harasses me online. In the past he has photo shop postings of mine to make it appear I am homosexual. In my personal opinion this is due to his own gay fetish and to the fact he hides his true sexuality which is, homosexuality.

YouTube – Free Speech Part 1 of 4
YouTube – Free Speech Part 2 of 4
YouTube – Free Speech Part 3 of 4
YouTube – Free Speech Part 4 of 4

2 Responses to “Randy Gray crying on Youtube”

  1. John Adams Says:

    Going to Chicago to testify against Bill White? I have documents that prove you were working with the FBI. Your not fooling anyone Burkenstein

  2. Michael Burks Says:

    I work with the FBI? Hey, tell them I’m still waiting on that paycheck. They owe me tons of back pay! Let’s be honest. I am not an informer. I answered their questions. Simple. If that makes me a bad person in your eyes and the eyes on other Neo-Nazis; I really don’t care.

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