KKK pretends they like people – lol


There appears to be a growing number of racist incidents against blacks that civil rights groups in Dallas are attributing to white supremacist groups. We’ve heard reports of a white supremacist group setting up an office or residence in South Dallas, of all places. Yesterday, a group gathered at the Old Red Courthouse to draw attention to the distribution of Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers being distributed in Forney and racial and sexual graffiti being placed on a church bus in Bedford.

Well, Forrest Lee, imperial klazik and spokesman for the regional Klan, wants to make it clear that his group is no longer the bunch of supremacist thugs who engaged in midnight lynchings, cross-burnings, kidnappings and other terrorist activities across the South.

“We would never do anything like that,” he said of the incident in Bedford. “We’re not the Klan of the ’60s and ’70s. We do not practice hate.”
I’m amazed this group still exists legally, with its own spokesman and phone number and everything. It’s as if this nation has a double standard on terrorism. If the terrorist group conducted its activities against an oppressed racial minority, then it’s all right. But if it conducts its activities against establishment people in business suits in big buildings, that’s bad.

I wonder if, in a few years, people will be able to claim membership in al-Qaeda and proclaim, “Hey, we’re not the al-Qaeda of the 1990s and 2000s. We don’t practice beheadings and kidnappings and mass murders anymore. We do not practice hate.”



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