Joe Arpaio Takes Pic with Neo-Nazi, Gives Nazis Intelligence on Marchers

Neo-Nazi Vito Lombardi in a pic taken at Saturday’s protest

As mentioned in a previous blog post, at Saturday’s Walk for Respect to Joe Arpaio’s Tent City, I spoke with neo-Nazis J.T. Ready and “Vito Lombardi,” both of whom were throwing up the sieg heil sign as they verbally attacked the marchers passing by on Durango Street. They told me that Joe had stopped by earlier and spoken with each of them. Ready said Arpaio called him by his initials “J.T.,” and Lombardi bragged of getting a photo with the sheriff. But I held off on reporting this until I got some sort of confirmation.

Well, confirmation came today, as spotted by activist Carlos Garcia of the civil rights group Puente. Seems United for a Sovereign America member Lynne Stevens, aka, “Jackie 40d,” has what appears to be footage of Arpaio stopping by the neo-Nazis, exchaging pleasantries with them, and allowing them to take pictures. (J.T. was actually further down with a gaggle of nativists when this particular scene transpired, so I can’t verify if Joe called him by name.) National Socialist Movement member Lombardi scores a personal photograph with the sheriff after telling him, “We’ve got your back.” The sheriff (it definitely sounds like his voice) advises the neo-Nazis (and Stevens) that the marchers are about an hour away. The only prob is that in the video, Arpaio is in the shadows.


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