St. Louis – meet your Nazis

Jeff Schoep – NSM “Commander” –

Deadbeat parent, normally jobless. Earns a living off of Nazi music and book sales.

Steven Boswell Missouri State leader –

I don’t know much about him. I am sure he is another half-wit like most in the NSM movement.


2 Responses to “St. Louis – meet your Nazis”

  1. You all say many bad things about the N.S.M. and what we stand for but you all let the Violent Black Panthers stomp on the American Flag and and let them scream about how they are going to kill white people as well as white baby boys and girls and we the N.S.M. DO NOT STAND FOR THIS! We are tired of having to see America destroyed by immigration, black gangs, and the filthy lying president OBAMAnation and his Jewish trash that him and Bush have brought into our once glorious White House but now it might as well be a burnt out crack house like the ones that are only a block away. America has become the Jew puppet of the world, the Jew’s have much to worry about because we have YOU in our sights and we will not stop until your lies are exposed with your Holocaust HOAX and your terrorist ways. You say we are all Jobless but you are very wrong you see we ARE the working class and we ALL have jobs so your comments about us are just ignorant lies. Much of us choose to not show are faces because WE are in YOUR jobs and in YOUR neighborhoods in YOUR political groups and when the time comes we WILL show all of our faces and we will just show you what we are really capable of for we are not in the hundreds we are in the Tens of Thousands. We are not jobless fools and we are going to take all of this gay,Jew,Communist, TRASH and show the people your real face and what we are really about. We are growing by the dozens every day and we will not stop EVER!! BLUT UND EHRE, BLUT UND BODEN, SIEG HEIL, HEIL HITLER!

    Stormtrooper First Class Baber
    N.S.M. Virginia State Leader

    “We must secure the existence of our people and the future of ARYAN children.” The 14 Words

  2. Michael Burks Says:

    Wow, get facts before posting. I do not support Black Panthers. They are black trash. Just like you are white trash. Jew this. Jew that. Yea Yea. I’ve heard this all before. Of course you deny Hitler killed 6 millions Jews. Okay, I will play along for a second. Let’s say you all are correct and only 200,000 Jews died during WWII. MMM, so 200,000 being driven from their homes and dying is okay? Only sick people like you believe such nonsense. Your rally did nothing. Most of your anti-protesters were white; not black or Jewish. My point – normal white people don’t care about losers like yourself.

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