Somali Pirates are Muslim – what a shock

For years, I’ve decried–on this site and elsewhere–the use of the term “pirates” in connection with the Somalians who seize ships off the coast of Africa and demand ransom. They are violent, they are Muslim, and they are tied to Al-Qaeda.

And, yes, they are TERRORISTS. Islamic terrorists. You know, the “Religion of Peace.”

Now, they’ve seized a ship with mostly American crew members on board. And maybe now, we’ll actually call them what they are. (By the way, so much for Obama’s butt-kissing of Islam in Europe, this week. Look how the Muslims “repaid” us the compliment.)

Just because they let most people live and accept money for their thuggery instead of lives, doesn’t make them any less terrorist than the ones who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11. The ultimate end of their actions is a distinction without a difference from their not so random violence, kidnapping, and threats. It has no relevance to whether or not they are terrorists that they let their victims live.


5 Responses to “Somali Pirates are Muslim – what a shock”

  1. Sidney Carton Says:

    And the recent gun massacres in the United States were performed by Christians, should we take the same train of logic you suggest on that note and deprive all Christians in the United States of firearms?

    Muslims have not held the monopoly on piracy for the whole of human history, the occupation actually predates Islam. (The Romans fought pirates, prior to the ministry of Christ) The Somalis have pirates because they have no government, deprive the Gulf Coast of government for 20 years, and I assure you, there would be plenty of Baptists from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Florida who would embrace piracy as well, the Skull & Crossbones, knew no allegiance to any single religion.

  2. Michael Burks Says:

    So ever person who has commited acts of murder with guns in America is a Christian? Are you for real?

    The highway sniper if I recall was a Mulsim. The Asian boy at Va. Tech was not a Christian. I am not sure where you get your facts from…

    Taking guns away does not solve crime. People who kill, will kill with or without guns. Muslims have always been killers, and always will be. Their “religion” if I recall was founded by a man who killed his own uncle. I don’t recall Jesus ever killing anyone.

  3. Sidney Carton Says:

    Ask a Native American about Christianity and Christians and they might say much the same that you have said regarding Muslims.

    Every major religion that exists has done its fair share of killing, Christianity and Islam included. Jesus didn’t kill anyone because he didn’t need to, he did not come from a warlike culture (at least not during the time he lived) and while the Romans were oppressive, they also kept law and order in the provinces, making random violence somewhat less common than that which would be found in 5th Century Arabia, where there was no centralized authority, and violence was common. The comparison fails on that account.

    Would Christ have killed, no it would have interfered with his mission, hence he was sent to a time and a place where he would not have to.

    As to Christians not doing the shooting, yes the DC sniper was not a christian, as to the Va Tech shooter, I don’t know, we’d have to check (He was Korean, and there are actually thousands of Korean Christians) But the more recent shooters have all been nominally Christian, and our most successful domestic terrorist, the late, unlamented Timothy McVeigh was also a Christian, so by virtue of numbers alone, the overwhelming majority of these men have been Christians.

  4. Michael Burks Says:

    Depends on the Native American. Many times they attacked women and children first. Are you saying a Christian father should have allowed his daughter and wife to be gang raped by them? Or should he have been able to defend his family? To say Indians were always the innocent, is well, ignorant.

  5. Michael Burks Says:

    McVeigh was hardly a Christian. He followed a cult religion known as Christian Identity, which has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ. Read my blog, geez. I expose people like him daily. Actually, I spend more time on losers like him, a white American, than I do on Muslims.

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