Often Neo-Nazi and KKK types leave nasty comments on my blog. Sometimes I approve these for the sane world to see.

Many of the comments are threats or comments calling me out. Listen, I am on here using my real name. My Location such as city and state is known. Unlike them, I don’t hide behind fake user names like “Sam Adams”, “Whitedude666” and “Nazipunkchick88”.

Listen, if you got an issue with me, face me in person. Of course you won’t. Like Randy Gray, a stalker who harasses me online, you will post under funny screen names on trash sites like VNN and Stromfront. You losers are nothing more than punks. Get over the fact I expose and tell the truth about you. Grow up and do something useful in life besides making  jokes about black people or complain how Jews “own everything”. Life is too short to waste over such nonsense. Maybe get a hobby. Heck, my personal blog Michael Burks has many posts about hobbies I have. Maybe you losers should try one.


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