Info on August Kreis – Another “winner” of the Aryan Nations

The more I read about the Aryan Nations I laugh. I don’t see “white power”. Instead, I see white trash at its finest! I found this on the SPLC website, I am going to cut and paste certain sections and write my two cents in bold.

Kreis reportedly sells wooden wares as well as some edible goods, although for years — antigovernment sentiments aside — a steady cash flow has come from the welfare office (wife Karley has been the recipient as of late).

Why doesn’t that shock me that he lived on welfare?

He puffs a lot of smoke, and tries to get a lot of people excited and worried about him,” adds Joe Wolf, another local pastor. “Truth be told, he’s hardly got any following around here.”

LOL, really? Look at the guy for God’s sake. He makes Randy Gray look sane!

During the past five years, numerous ministers involved in Potter County United have reported threats and intimidation at the hands of Kreis. “We will be watching you,” Kreis warned in an e-mail to all of the ministers, attaching a picture of himself with a gun. “You will pay the ultimate price.”

Yes sir, what a good way to get people on your side. Can we say, “crazy”?

Kreis didn’t always say such things publicly. After dropping out of high school and spending time on a naval vessel off the coast of Vietnam, he returned to his hometown of Newark, N.J., and was soon working for a Jewish developer.

A high school dropout? What other Aryan Nations member dropped out of high school… Let me think… Randy Gray… lol

Kreis was fired from his job in 1981, after holding Klan meetings “in a complex that was 90 percent Jewish and owned by a Jew.” He then moved around with his wife and three children, finding a home near Easton, Pa., until unpaid utility bills caught up with him. His water was shut off, his house condemned, and he was forced to move to a plot bought by his brother.

A bum that didn’t pay bills. What other Aryan Nations member is begging for money for a laywer. Nevermind, just named him above lol.

Eventually Kreis’ first marriage broke up, and in his mid-30s he wedded a teenager named Karley. He took custody of the children whom he’d eventually be barred from seeing, and in the early 1990s moved to his current residence in Ulysses.

First marriage failed, what a shock… Married a teen – odd…


3 Responses to “Info on August Kreis – Another “winner” of the Aryan Nations”

  1. AngelEyes Says:

    there seems to be a patternt that they all tend to follow.. no pointing fingers at them but it does seem that alot are high school drop outs and have some sort of fascination with children?? Sexual harrassment, marrying teens.. hmm all on the same line.. these people need serious help

  2. JimmyDean Says:

    you should have a good time sucking off your kike masters you filthy degenerate.

  3. Michael Burks Says:

    Thanks Jimmy Dean. You just proved many of my points. Nazis are white trash.

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