How do Christian Identity nuts explain this?

I was reading some “sermons” last night after getting home from a night out with friends. Christian Identity people claim that Paul(Saul) was Aryan like they do with Jewish. One problem, Paul lived a Jewish life and even admitted he himself was Jewish –

“Saint Paul” was a Lifelong Jew
The man known as “St. Paul” was first called Saul (pronounced Sha’ul in Hebrew), and that is the name used in this article. He was called Saul in Acts 7:58, Acts 8:1, and Acts 9:1. His first encounter with Yeshua (“Jesus”) was in Acts 9:3-6, where the Lord addressed him as Saul. This episode is also told in Acts 22:7 and Acts 26:14, and in both of those the Lord also addressed him as Saul. When speaking about him to Ananias in a vision, the Lord said he was called “Saul of Tarsus” (Acts 9:11). It was not until Acts 13:9 that he was referred to as “Saul who was also known as Paul.” To this day, it is not unusual for Jews in the diaspora to have two names. One is used by family or other Jews, the second is how they are known by the larger society around them. Unlike the case of Jacob who became Israel, Saul’s name was never changed by God.

Note – Saul was and still is, a common name among Jewish males, not Aryans.

In Phil 3:5 Saul called himself a “Hebrew of Hebrews,” probably meaning “I speak Hebrew and I came from Hebrew-speaking parents.” His father was a Pharisee (Acts 23:6). In his letter to the believers in Philippi, Saul described himself as having been circumcised as an infant on the eighth day (Phil 3:5). Obviously his Jewish parents did this in observance of the Torah commandment (Lev 12:2-3). He further confirmed this by stating that he is of the people Israel and he went on to cite his tribal descent (Benjamin), which is something few Jews can do today. We see the same in Romans 11:1, where Saul wrote that he was, “an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.”

Note – As much as CI nuts lie, Hebrew has never been the speech of Aryan people.

As a believer in Yeshua, Saul continued to be a Jew. When he first came to faith he took a mikvah (Acts 9:18) and taught in the Synagogues of Damascus (Acts 9:20). Indeed, he initially argued with the Hellenists (Acts 9:29). Saul continued to worship with other Jews. The book of Acts contains at least ten other references to his ongoing Synagogue attendance (13:5, 13:14, 13:44, 14:1, 17:1-2, 17:10, 17:17, 18:4, 18:19, 19:8). Saul self-identified as a Jew (Gal 2:15), and he considered other Jewish believers to be Jewish (Gal 2:13). For instance, he considered Kefa (Peter) to be Jewish (Gal 2:14).

Note – Synagogues have always been the place of worship for the Jewish people.

The Macedonians recognized that Saul was Jewish (Acts 16:20-21) and the Ephesians recognized his fellow believers to be Jews (Acts 19:34). He called the people Israel his brethren and countrymen (Rom 9:3-4). His travelling companions, friends, and hosts were Jewish (Acts 4:3615:22, 16:1, 18:2-3, 18:24, 19:3422:12).

Note – Funny how the non-Jews clearly recognized Paul as Jewish. If Hebrews were white as CI nuts claim, how could they have noticed?

I could go on, but I think you get my point. I wonder why I’m wasting so much time with these CI nuts? Seriously, anyone with half a brain know they are liars and servants of Satan.


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