Neo-Nazis threaten me – I’m scared of people who hide behind computers

It seems I am now the target of Neo-Nazis. The attacks are being led by a out of touch with society female named Jessica Gray. Gray is very overweight (a sin in the Bible) who follows Christian Identity. Her husband, also overweight, is a KKK member who stalks me and harasses elderly non-whites. He is best known for running a KKK public access show no one watches and throwing KKK (litter) leaflets in the yards of old black and Jewish people and driving off. So far I’ve been left 8 comments from people saying “watch your back” like that bothers me. Get a life. Wait, if you had a life you wouldn’t be KKK and Nazis. Nevermind.

2 Responses to “Neo-Nazis threaten me – I’m scared of people who hide behind computers”

  1. Charles M. Says:

    I live a few miles outside of Midland. I am guessing this KKK Gray is Randy. He is a very odd looking man. He looks like a guy that would molest children.

  2. gotyoback Says:

    I AM A WHITE MALE 19 YEARS OLD. Dont for one second believe that these people are for real. They are full of it. They are nothing but a horde of immature rejects that have nothing better to do than to attempt to follow the teachings of a bunch of ignorant, psychotic, inbred rednecks. To all that still cling to the 1950’s alabama ideals, give it up, your not impressing, or scaring anyone. Grow a set of balls and think for yourself, not for a bunch of drunken rednecks who either were or should have been shot 50 years ago.

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