Palestinian faction supports military actions against Israel from Lebanon

 BEIRUT, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) — The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced Wednesday that it supports any military action against Israel from Lebanese territories, in retaliation for the Israeli war on Gaza, local Elnashra website reported.

    “The front supports any military action from Lebanese territories against Israel in retaliation for the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza,” PFLP political bureau member Abu Ahmad Fouad said in a statement.

    Fouad however set conditions for any military act from Lebanon to be “in coordination with the Islamic resistance under Hezbollah command.”

    He added that Hezbollah is closely following up the situation in Gaza, and has a working plan accordingly.

    “Hezbollah is on a high state of alert to support Gaza at the right time, and in coordination with the Palestinian factions,” he said, stressing full support to Hezbollah’s decision.

    The statement was released following a rocket attack against northern Israel this morning from south Lebanon, which prompted an Israeli response by firing back artillery shells on southern areas.

    Hezbollah denied any involvement in the rocket attack, while fingers were pointed at radical Palestinian factions including PFLP.     



Editor: Mu Xuequan

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