Christian Identity Exposed

Christian Identity is a cult religion that pretends to be Christian. Many Christian Identity followers are what is known as “Two Seed-Line”, which is actually based on an on Jewish Cult Sect of Judaism. This is funny since CI followers believe and teach that Jews are “children of the devil”.

In truth, CI was a cult sect which was founded and based off another cult sect known as British Israelism. One of the forefathers of British Israelism was Richard Brothers, who later was proved to be insane.

 One of the early backers of CI in America was Kenneth Goff, an ex-communist. After failing to make an impact in the “left-wing” ungodly world, Goff choose to become a racist, “exposing” Jews as “evil beings”. Goff before becoming CI, followed the Christian cult sect known as Scientology. He also claimed to write books he never did. CI leaders such as long time con-man Thom Robb, were influenced by Goff.

For a good read on lies found in CI, please read this.


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