Jerusalem found 669 times in the Old Testament, not once in the Koran – how can Islam claim it theirs?

Jewish Bible Beats Koran, 669-0

I keep urging an open discussion in the U.S. of rightwing Jewish ideas about an undivided Jerusalem because they are so politically important; they made Doug Feith. Here is one such expression, from Richard L. Cravatts, a Zionist academic writing on George Mason University’s site, and addressing Israel’s enemies:

Though Jerusalem is mentioned not once in the Koran and over 669 times in the Jewish Bible, you claim that Jerusalem is now the “third holiest site to Muslims,” that, as Yasser Arafat announced at Camp David in 2000, the Temple Mount was never a Jewish site, that Jews now “occupy” Muslim lands, and that the archeological and historical evidence that confirms an uninterrupted 3000-year  presence by Jews in the Holy Land is merely a “construct”…

I wonder how many Americans really want the bible to guide foreign policy…. Does John McCain? Eric Cantor?


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