Jesus followed Old Testament Law and so should Christians

The Old Testament aka the Torah contains 613 laws. These laws are for all of mankind to obey. Of course some laws were written for men only, some for women only while others were written for religious leaders only. However, all of these were laws were given by God Almighty.

            613 laws huh? Does God truly believe anyone can obey them all? Can anyone besides Jesus obey them all? Of course not. That is why we as people are to repent our sins. Sadly, the Church has taught a form of lawlessness that we are no longer under Old Testament Law. Much of this is due to the total lack of understanding the work of Saint Paul.

            People misquote Paul to justify their eating of unclean animals to having ungodly sexual relations. Did Paul ever say not to obey Old Testament Law? Paul, himself, was a Torah observant Jew (Acts 21:29), who was also a strict Pharisee who kept Old Testament Law. It would be silly to say Paul was against Old Testament Law. Let’s take a look at what Paul did say about Old Testament Law in Romans 3:31, “Do we make void the Law (Torah/Old Testament); yea, we establish the law.” What Law was Paul talking about? There was no new Law in the New Testament. Jesus never made a new Law to replace the Old Law. It’s clear that Paul was talking about Old Testament Law.

            What did Jesus have to say on about this matter? Let’s take a look at His very own words. Matthew 5:17 Jesus states, “Think not that I come to destroy the law or the prophets; I come not to destroy, but to fulfill.” Again, Jesus never wrote one single new law or set of commandments. Therefore, what Law was Jesus talking about? He was clearly talking about the Old Testament. That is clear because He mentions the prophets. Since the prophets wrote the Old Testament, Christ was CLEARLY talking about the Old Testament Law. And Christ made clear He did not come to DESTROY (replace or do away it).

            Jesus, His family and disciples all kept Old Testament Law. Jesus was Jewish from the tribe of Judah (Hebrews 7:14). His earthly father was descended from David (Matthew 1:6-16) as well as His mother (Luke 1:27, 32-34). Jesus was born the Kings of Jews (Matt. 2:2). His aunt was a Jewess and His uncle a Jew (Luke 1:5, 36).

            Jesus was circumcised according to Jewish Law (Luke 2:21, Lev. 12:2-3). His mother Mary was atoned according to Jewish Law (Luke 2:24, Lev. 12:6-8). Matthew 2:1 tells us that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Nazareth (Luke 2:39-40). Historians and archeologists agree both were Jewish nations during this time. We read in Luke 2:39 that both His uncle and aunt were Torah observant.

            Jesus and His parents made a 140 mile round trip to Jerusalem every year for Passover (Deut. 16:16 – keeping Old Testament Law). At age 12 Jesus stayed for an extra three days to study the Torah (Luke 2:47 – studying Old Testament Law). John 1:45 tells us the disciples followed Jesus because He believed the Torah (Old Testament Law).

            I could go on and on. It was clear Jesus and His disciples and family (who later became early Christians) kept Old Testament Law. Jesus was Jewish in lifestyle up until His death. His followers never gave up their Old Testament Law after Christ had risen back to Heaven. Hebrews 13:8 states, “Christ was the same yesterday, today and forever.” This clearly shows that Christ never changes.

            Let’s face the facts. Jesus was a Jew who founded Christianity. He and His followers (Christians) all kept Old Testament Law. Saint Paul, an early Christian and former Pharisee, also kept Old Testament Law. Jesus never broke one Old Testament Law nor did He ever once say the Law was to be done away with.

            Many people call themselves Christians. That simply means we are supposed to obey and follow Christ. If Christ only attended Saturday worship why do 99% of Christians keep the Sabbath on Sunday, the wrong day? If Christ didn’t accept homosexuality why do many churches today accept it? And if Christ wouldn’t eat an unclean pig why do millions of Christians then?

            The answers to those questions are simple. We are lazy and obey the worldly and not Christ. To love Christ is to obey His commandments and not our own (John 15:10). Who do you follow, Christ or the world? If you do the opposite of Christ then you obey the world. It’s really that simple.

8 Responses to “Jesus followed Old Testament Law and so should Christians”

  1. While all of your points are valid, I really think that your conclusion is not. How are we saved, through Grace or by following the Law? It seems that Paul has some rather interesting things to say to the Romans in Romans 3 and to the Galatians in Galatians 3 about how our lives are now founded on grace and faith — not our observance of the law and didn’t Paul read Peter the riot act about hanging out with those that said you must observe the law to be saved?

    I have a friend that calls the Christian life “the upside kingdom”, and I think that is such a great picture. Before Jesus, our righteousness was dependent on what we did or didn’t do — what we ate, what we touched, where we went, how and when we brought sacrifices. Now, since Jesus has been resurrected, it is about what He did — the focus has shifted (more of him, less of me).


  2. Michael Burks Says:

    In the Old Testament, how was one forgiven for sin? Jonah disobeyed God and asked for forgiveness. As did Job. If there is no law, what do we repent for? The early church followed Old Testament Law. That is not up for debate.

  3. According to what little bit of Jewish tradition I know, under the old covenant one had their sins forgiven when the priest would enter the Holy of Holies and made sacrifices during Yom Kippur. According to the writings in the new testament, we now have a different covenant with better promises. I think to say that the early church followed the old testament law is failing to look at the history and writings of not only Paul and the other New Testament writers, but other early church fathers as well.

    And I prefer discuss to debate.


  4. Michael Burks Says:

    Jesus is our Lord who we repent to. Grace did not take us from the Law. Grace is what we don’t even deserve. Don’t get me wrong, eating a pig won’t send you to hell nor will any other sin; which again is God’s grace. But the Law is the Law and it’s to be followed.

  5. He who sins is of the devil. 1 John 3:8

  6. This is a very good article, Thank You for it. As far as “ubahleeob” Look at the big picture of what the L-rd tells us in his old and new testament. All of it. You probably have heard people use the statement, ” what would Jesus do”. So, what was He doing, and what did He tell us to do, all of it, about the commandents. It’s true, we are saved by grace and it is a gift from G-d. Nothing changes that providing we accepted Jesus and His atoning works, truly accepted, we now say we love Him, and if we have changed, became a new creature, we will follow Him. Obeying G-d’s commandments becomes natural and easy. Read, Study, ask G-d to reveal truths to you. Remember, G-d is the same yesterday, as He is today and as He will be tomorrow. That truth does not change. Trust what G-d is telling you.

  7. If you read New Testament carefully, Jesus ammended a lot of Torah Laws. Then why He said that He doesn’t come to change it? It’s just a way to avoid confrontation with the Rabbis and Pharrisees who were trying to trap him.

  8. We can not be saved by faith or works alone- it IS both. I think that IF you are of Jewish blood then it is only right to observe the Laws and thats that. I am a hebrew-Catholic and I know that the Church is the evalution of the Faith- but even Paul himself says that Jews are to follow the Chruch but also keep the old laws as well. Gentiles are anyone that does not have Jewish blood in them, not people that WANT to be Jews. That was said only for hte Jews, not the Gentiles. I think that all Gentiles would feel closer to Christ if they at lest tried to be less ‘lazy’ very proper wording for such. Eating Kosher, is a good example. It is against both Jewish and Christian law to harm your body…I think that any woman would feel so much better and loved and honored by her husband by having a Mikvah every month- Sense when did Jesus, Paul or Peter say that from then on a woman was clean and okay to have sex with durring and seven days after her period? NEVER. I think that as Christians Gentiles should observe as much as possible not because they HAVE to, but to have a better understanding, love, and conection with GOD.

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