God had a chosen people – why would any Gentile wanna follow a racist God?

Did God have a “chosen” people in the Bible? Yes, He chose the Jewish people also known as Israelites and Hebrews. When you say God had a chosen people that seem to normally offend people. Why would any Gentile (non-Jew) want to worship such a racist God?

            God loves all people equally. God has never loved Gentiles any less than Jews. For reasons only God knows, he chose the Jews to be His people and law-givers. The Jewish people were to be God’s example here on earth, much like His original intent for Adam and Eve. This however, does not prove God loved Gentiles any less than Jews.

            Before the days of Abraham, there was no JEW. There was no Israelite or Hebrew. Adam and Eve weren’t Jewish. Noah and his sons weren’t Jewish. Yet, God loved and blessed them all anyways. The book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible. Therefore Job came many years before Abraham. This proves that Job was also not Jewish. God loved and blessed Job, a non-Jew.

            Look at Sodom and Gomorrah. No where in the Bible are these cities called Jewish. Yet, God gave these two ungodly Gentile cities chance after chance to repent (Gen 18). God sent the Jewish prophet Jonah to the pagan people of Nineveh to help them repent. Its clear that God always had a plan and love for the Gentile world, way before the time of Jesus Christ.

            We read in Acts 13:45-47 that Jesus commanded His disciples to preach to the Gentile world. Christ died for us Gentiles no different than He died for the Jewish people. That alone proves the love God had for all people. Why would a racist God love Gentiles who have hated His chosen people so much throughout history? The answer is simple; God loves all people equally with His never-ending love.

            There are Jewish believers in Christ, black believers, white believers, Asian believers and everything else in between. The only requirement of being accepted by Christ is to believe in Him (John 3:16) and keep His commandments (John 15:10). God plays no favorites when it comes to His grace and salvation. You can either accept Him or not.


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