Stereotypes about Jews

(above is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who’s Jewish. As you can tell, no hook nose, light colored hair and beautiful green eyes. She doesn’t fit many of the Stereotypes we hear about Jews now does she?)

One thing that amuses me is the Stereotypes about Jews. We hear them even to this day. A few that make me chuckle are the following –


1 – Jews always have hooked nose


2- Jews love money


3 – Jews hate all non-jews


            Of course I could on and on. But do I really need to keep talking about such ignorance?


1 – First off, there are all types of Jews. We have Middle Eastern, African, Asian and European Jews. Not all Jews have a “hook-nose”, nor do they all have dark skin, hair and eyes. This is one of the many “Aryan” myths made famous by Hitler.


2- To say all Jews love money is like saying all Irish people are drunks (I’m Irish and I’m not a drunk by the way). By the way, Jesus was Jewish. Can you please show me one verse in the Bible where he was money hungry?


3 – Like all people I am sure there are racists Jews who hate non-Jews. But the entire population of Jews does not hate non-Jewish people. One of my best friends in high school was a Jew named Nick Goldring. I can’t recall him trying to kill my niece or nephew for their blood, nor do I recall him stealing my money.



5 Responses to “Stereotypes about Jews”

  1. hannahgoodson Says:

    Well I will applaude this blog. Firstly because I am jewish, and secondly because I have gone through a whole lot of stereotypes in my day about religion and beliefs.

    I will say that there are some Jews that have a certain look about them, they are called “Saphardic” Jews, and they are from Spain and Portugal. Some of my friends are Saphardic Jews and they are very beautiful people. I am an Ashkenazi Jew, descended from central eastern Europe. And I think that is what most people familiarize themselves with.

    But you are right! There are Jews from all over the world, so to say a Jew has a certain “look” is way off.

    Thank you for such an intelligent post, and have a wonderful evening.

  2. Michael Burks Says:

    Happy you liked the article. Hope you will keep reading.

  3. […] pictures proving Jewish Stereotypes to be wrong In my blog Stereotypes about Jews, I pointed out that there’s a misconception that all Jews are very dark skinned with […]

  4. Well, I have deff. gone through my share of jew stereotypes! I have auburn hair, emerald green syes and olive skin. I am half Japanese/West Indian and I am jewish. When people hear that they are suprised because I don’t carry those characteristics. What people don’t realize is that judisim is a RELIGION!!!!! Ethnic backgrounds are differant for all jews, so they can’t possibly have a look!

  5. Another thing…The Catholic Church has renounced the idiea that the jews killed jesus. A lot of people don’t know that and say we crucified him. IMPOSSIABLE! To be politicly correct, our ancient way of capital punishment was to stone people, not crucify them. Not to mention that in Torah it is forbidden to consume blood, so why would we break a dietry law to use the blood of christian children for our Matzoh?

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