Welcome to the Jewish and Christian Holy Alliance

Greetings to all my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. This blog is dedicated to the alliance all Christians should have toward the Jewish people.


Since around 150 A.D. churches have went against the early foundations of true church history which was founded by Jesus Christ and His Disciples; all Jews. Jews have not only been targeted with racism from the church but are also victims of violence and even murder from those calling themselves “Christians”.


As Christians we all should support the Nation of Israel under the leadership and control of the Jewish people. The Bible is clear that Jews need to return there for the second coming of Christ. We as Christians should support this since He too, is our Savior and Lord.


We owe our prayers and thanks to the Jewish people. For many of you that may be hard to shallow. But let’s face the facts. In most Protestant Bibles are 66 books recorded. In Catholic Bibles you have 73. Did you know that 64 out of the 66 books recorded in the Protestant Bibles were written by Jews? And that 71 out of the 73 books in the Catholic Bible were written by Jews? Without them there would be no Christian Bible.


More importantly, without Jews, we’d have no Jesus Christ, who was clearly born a Jew, raised a Jew, died a Jew and was sent to Heaven as a Jew. Jesus Christ was the foundation of our faith and our church. He taught us truth, love and the true meanings of God, our all mighty Creator.


I hope readers out there will leave feedback. I am open to not only positive feedback but also those who disagree and yes, hate me and my blog. All comments all welcome.




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